Steel Partners Rustic Lighting

Steel Partners Rustic Lighting
Steel Partners makes beautiful rustic lighting with a number of options & will even customize to fit individual needs. Choice combinations are endless with their 5 different finish & lens options.

Besides your basic table & floor lamps, they carry every lighting need: chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, pendants, sconces & even outdoor lighting.

Have you been wanting that perfect conversation piece when visitors enter your home? All of Steel Partners chandeliers give you that "Aaah" appeal. The Ponderosa Pine Nine Light Chandelier is one of my favorites. If you have been following my blogs at all, you know by now I am obsessed with pinecones, but with Steel Partners you know any light you purchase will be made from the highest quality.

Ceiling Fixtures are a necessity in every home & with so many styles to choose from, you can stick with the same theme, such as bears, through the whole house, or be a little bolder & mix & match your rustic tastes. A very unique piece for all of us that love the rodeo, take a look at the Harstene Braided Rope Ceiling Mount.

And although indoor lighting is important, don't forget the use of Steel Partner's outdoor lighting as well. Most of their lights have that rustic motif, but with a more modern look, the Orange Grove Sconce could work outside any home or office building.

Also they have introduced many new lighting collections so far in 2012, but their design team is always coming up with new creations. The Rainier Collection included lighting large enough to encompass a complete nature scene, great for a quaint cabin in the woods, where the Seattle collection has a more of a contemporary look with its Arts & Crafts theme.

Lighting is only a small part of our product catalog. Every home needs the right bedding, furniture & rugs to give it that completed look. Visit LodgeCraft Furniture today.
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