Moose Decor

Lodge Furniture, Rustic Lighting and Cabin Decor
It's hard not to admire a moose in the wild with its awkward head and long legs and sheer massive size. Can be a bit intimidating in close quarters too. Many cabins and lodges base their entire decorating scheme around this lovable undulate. We carry American made lamps and sconces with moose silhouettes, and three dimensional fabrications. Steel Partner, Meyda and Colorado Rustic Lighting have a number of lamps, sconces, and pendants. If you go for the grand scale try one of our Cast Horn Moose Chandeliers with four or six paddles and attractive candelabra bulbs. Moose abound in the bedrooms with bedding from Patch Quilts and C&F. If you like the softness and warmth of microfleece try out the Denali Moose Camp, or Moose/Bear Bedset. A very popular complete set would be HomeMax's Moose Bedset with wildlife and nature walking across your mattress top. Showcase that somewhat intimidating animal by bringing a likeness home.
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