Lodge Home Furnishings Glossary

LodgeCraft builds and sells a wide range of Cabin and Lodge Furnishings. To help educate and clarify our terminology, we have composed a list of relevant terms we use regularly when describing our styles, construction techniques, finish options, etc. We are always adding to the home furnishings glossary, so if you find a term that you feel would be beneficial, please suggest it and we will review for consideration. We make every effort to give you all of the relevant information you need for an exceptional buying experience. After all, we have been in business for over 24 years, and have volumes of referrals from homeowners, property managers, real estate agents and hospitality managers!


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A Accent Furniture Any piece of furniture placed to add decoration to a room or to complement another piece (or pieces) of furniture. Accent furniture may be placed simply for aesthetics or the piece may serve a practical purpose, such as an accent chest may store items such as blankets. LodgeCraft carries many styles of cabin and lodge furniture accents in our showrooms and online. Accent Furniture
Accent Lamp A lamp used for a specific spot that you want to enhance by style or design or simply to add more light. Usually a smaller light. See our collection of Rustic Table Lamps, including bear, moose, distressed and more styles of lodge lighting. Accent Lamp
Accessory Non-furniture items that decorate and enhance a room. Typical examples include vases, art, books, sculptures, florals and planters. Accessory
Adirondack Chair Often made of red or white cedar that is rot and insect resistant. Often found around lodges, pools, outdoor areas. LodgeCraft carries several styles of cedar Adirondack Chairs for your cabin. Adirondack Chair
Antique Cane Weave Standard 3/8" herringbone cane with dark walnut antique finish. LodgeCraft carries Old Hickory Furniture, which uses Antique Weave Cane, for many of their seated options on hickory chairs, barstools, and more of their hickory lodge furniture. Antique Cane Weave
Antler Either faux or natural shed, many lighting fixtures are made with antlers. Table and floor lamps plus a variety of chandeliers. Also, drawer pulls on many styles of our lodge furniture are made from antler. Offering everything from Moose and Elk antler chadeliers, to Deer antler table lamps, see our entire collection of Antler Lighting. Antler
Area Rug A rug intended to cover a limited area of a floor. Area rugs come in a variety of different materials, including wool, leather, silk and more. We sell a range up to 9' x 12'. The larger size needs to be truck freighted in most instances. See our entire collection of Lodge Area RugsArea Rug
Arm Chair Usually sitting at the head and foot of a dining table the arm chair allows for a bit more comfort in sitting. They are not usually pulled all the way into a table. LodgeCraft has a nice selection of rustic and Lodge Style Dining Chairs and arm chairs, in log, and barnwood styles. Arm Chair
Armoire A tall storage cupboard with interior shelves and two large doors. Originally used for storing clothes and linens, but often used today as an entertainment center. Another name for a tall, wide wardrobe usually having two large doors behind which clothes can be hung or stored. Armoires originated in France where they were used for the storage of armor. We carry several rustic and lodge style Armoires, made from the finest rustic components to ensure beauty and durability. Armoire
Arts & Crafts A style popular from the 1890s through the 1910s, characterized by sturdy, simple construction, clean lines, and minimal embellishments. Also known as Mission style, it was a contrary alternative to the highly ornate furniture of the Victorian era. Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts Furniture Straight classic lines of furniture usually crafted from oak and sometimes cherry wood. LodgeCraft carries two beautiful lines of Arts & Crafts Mission Furniture, this is a nice complement to your typical lodge and cabin furniture. Arts & Crafts Furniture
Aspen Furniture Aspen grows naturally in many parts of the country. The furniture usually has interesting curves and detail characteristic to the species. Has a soft warm finish. We carry several lines of Aspen Log Furniture, from Colorado and Utah. Each displays beautiful wood characteristics and workmanship you have come to expect from LodgeCraft and are as unique as the Aspen they are made from. Aspen Furniture
B Bachelor's Chest A short chest of drawers popular during the 18th century, traditionally with a slide that pulls out for writing. We carry the Old Hickory Bachelor's Chest in the standard hickory style and the Phoenix style chest too. Bachelorís Chest
Bar Stool Available in a variety of heights, either for a counter stool, bar, or bistro area. Can be a plain seat, upholstered, have a back and arms or just a back. LodgeCraft carries a wide selection of Rustic Bar Stools, of hickory, pine, barnwood, oak and more. Bar Stool
Barnwood Furniture The nostalgic feeling of using a piece of repurposed or reclaimed wood has made barnwood furniture go to the top of the list for a desirous piece. Fireside Lodge actually dismantles old red oak barns around the country and recrafts them into lovely historic pieces. LodgeCraft carries serveral lines of Barn Wood Furniture, from builders in Minnesota, Utah and Colorado. Barn Wood Furniture
Beds Day, twin, full, queen or king there are beds for every need. LodgeCraft carries rustic and Lodge Beds, made from pine, hickory, reclaimed oak, alder, aspen and more. We have one of the best online selections of rustic beds! Beds
Bed Set Bedding ensembles which could include duvet sets, comforters, quilts sets etc. Often elaborated with numerous throw pillows and other accessories or as simple as a covering and two shams. We carry many styles of bed sets, from quilt sets and blanket sets to Rustic Bed Sets that are Made in America. Bed Set
Bedding Linens such as comforters, sheets, pillow cases, bedskirts and shams are called "Bedding" or "Bed Linens". Quilts and blankets put on a bed for warmth are also considered bedding. See our complete offerings of Rustic Bedding. Bedding
Bedroom Furniture Furniture sets that are placed in your bedroom such as bed, dresser, chest of drawers, and nightstand. Some bedroom furniture collections even come with an armoire, chiffonier, or storage chest. Depending on your preference, you may choose contemporary, traditional or transitional styled bedrooms. LodgeCraft carries a large selection of lodge and Rustic Bedrooom Furniture, in pine, oak, barn wood, hickory and more. Bedroom Furniture
Benches Often used at the end of a bed, in a mud room or foyer, or often beside a dining table to allow more seating. Can be wooden seat or upholstered, can be backed or backless. Benches are also used in outdoor settings. See our complete line of rustic and lodge Benches. Benches
Bentwood A style of furniture made by steaming wood, bending it into the desired shape, and allowing it to harden. Often used in the construction of chairs, rocking chairs, and other light pieces, the process was developed by Michael Thonet in the mid-1800s. At LodgeCraft, Bentwood is the name of one of our Mission style furniture producers. Bentwood
Billiard Lamp An overhead light hanging from the ceiling with ample light to see the game area below. Often a combination of two or three lights. These are also called island lights and can be used over work areas. Billiard Lamp
Bistro Table A small high table to either stand beside or sit by with a bistro height stool. Usually the size for two to four individuals. These are popular at night spots but are being used more and more often for casual dining. We carry a wide selection of lodge dining tables and Rustic Bistro Tables. Bistro Table
Blanket Chest A low box-like check designed for storing blankets often having a hinged top and a drawer near the base. LodgeCraft carries several types of Blanket Boxes, from alder to reclaimed barn wood styles. Blanket Chest
Bookcase Any storage case with two to five or more shelves for storing books and or special collections. These can be stand alone or built in units. Bookcases come in all shapes and sizes. The can have adjustable shelving or fixed shelves. We offer a some of the finest hickory, pine, reclaimed bookcases and more styles of Bookcases. Bookcase
Breakfront A tall cabinet often used for storing china. Usually consists of three vertical sections but can be any configuration. Very popular at the turn of the century (19th to 20th). Breakfront
Buffet A large cupboard popular throughout the 1500s and 1600s, most often used for display and storage of cutlery, dinnerware and serving pieces. Buffets come in many styles and combinations, multiple door and drawer combinations with and without glass and varying heights are just a few options. Buffet
Bunk Bed Two beds that are joined together so that one is placed above the other. Bunk beds are often used in kids rooms and dormitories. Federal safety standards exist for bunk bed ladders and rails which protect children from falling injuries. LodgeCraft carries log bunk beds, distressed barn wood bunk beds, and many more styles of Rustic Bunk BedsBunk Bed
C Camelback A sofa back with a protruding central "hump." Typical of the Hepplewhite style. You often see these in leather upholstery. Camelback
Cane Weave A variety of types of weave using strong rattan cane. The open weave is 3/8" rattan cane. Old Hickory uses Cane Weave in many of their seats and back for chairs, benches and settee's. Cane weave displays great character and complements the cabin furniture setting. Cane Weave
Canopy Bed Often four posts are connected at the top with rails that fabric is hung from. Other times, a hoop is hung from the ceiling over the bed and the fabric drapes down from the hoop. Originally, they were developed to provide protection from insects but now are more commonly used in a decorative fashion. LodgeCraft offers several styles of canopy beds in our Beds offerings. Canopy Bed
Captain's Chair A chair having a low, curved back with vertical spindles and top rail that comes around to form arms. Often used with a game table. We offer the Old Hickory Captain's Chair, in our Chairs section. Captainís Chair
Casters Wheels on the bottom of furniture pieces that allow them to be easily moved across the floor. Many of our dining chairs from Old Hickory have the option of casters for a slight upcharge. Casters
Ceiling Mount A lamp that is directly wired and hangs from the ceiling. This will often have a metal canopy to hide the wires and add a decorative touch. LodgeCraft has an extensive collection of Rustic Ceiling Mounts and a few art glass styles too. Ceiling Mount
Chair A piece of furniture made for a person to comfortably sit on. Usually consists of a seat, legs, back and arms. Some types of chairs (such as some dining chairs) do not have arms. LodgeCraft offers Rustic Chairs in log, reclaimed wood, distressed and other rustic styles, with loads of fabric and leather options. Chair
Chaise A sofa that has a half-back and only a head end. Chaise
Chandelier A multiple light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. The variety is extensive, glass, tiffany, rustic, antler, contemporary. We carry a wide selection of Lodge Chandeliers that are great for your home or cabin. Many of our American Made Chandeliers can be customized to suit your needs. Chandelier
Chest On Chest Primarily English and American 18th and 19th Century pieces composed of two stacked chests of drawers. The upper chest usually being smaller than the lower. See our stacked chests on our rustic Dressers page. Chest On Chest
Cheval Mirror A full-length, vertical mirror mounted in a frame. Also referred to as a dressing mirror or cheval glass. These usually swivel. Cheval Mirror
Clean Peel A log that is cleaned of all its exterior bark. With a draw knife you will still see the blade marks but not the bark. Leaves a smoother finish. Clean Peel finish is used often for stained log furniture, as it accepts the stain far better. Clean Peel
Clock A timepiece that is used for decorative purposes. Most clocks are now without glass but they are at times available with glass. LodgeCraft offers many rustic and lodge style Clocks, typically of the large wall mounted variety. Clock
Cocktail Table A short-legged table typically positioned near a sofa or chair grouping, sometimes used for serving. Also known as a coffee table. Often used for informal snacking and dining with use of cushions. See our lodge style Cocktail Tables. Cocktail Table
Coffee Table A tall cabinet often used for storing china. Usually consists of three vertical sections but can be any configuration. Very popular at the turn of the century (19th to 20th). Coffee Tables Coffee Table
Console Table A long, narrow table usually set against a wall or behind a sofa. May contain a drawer or lower shelf for storage. LodgeCraft offers a wide variety of pine, barn wood, hickory and more cabin style Console Tables. Console Table
Cottage Furniture A casual style of furniture marked by simple lines, turned legs, and painted or decorated surfaces. Especially popular on the East Coast. Cottage Furniture
Credenza A sideboard often placed in the dining room and used to store serving accessories. A credenza desk is often used as a secondary work surface, and usually has shelving, small drawers, and other nooks above the main surface. Credenzas are also used in offices as complementary pieces to desks and book cases. Credenza
Curio A case piece which has glass doors, panels and shelves, which is used to display collectibles. Derived from "curiosity" cabinet. Curio
D Daybed A sofa with head and foot and/or back pieces, having a twin sized mattress that doubles as a sitting and sleeping surface. Daybeds often have decorative removable covers and matching pillows or bolsters which act as back rests. LodgeCraft carries several styles of rustic daybeds within our beds area of the website. Daybed
Desk A piece of furniture having a broad writing surface as well as drawers or compartments for papers, writing materials, etc. We carry rustic desks in many styles and wood options. Whether your need is the commanding executive desk or a simple writing desk, we have just what you are looking for! Desk
Desk Return A piece of furniture hooked adjacent to a desk to provide more storage and writing space. Other office machinery might be placed on the return. Many of our rustic desks come with return options for the left or right side. Desk Return
Dining Chairs A chair usually accompanied by a dining table. The most popular style of dining chair is the side chair, a chair with a back but no arms. Although the armless chair is most popular for dining, a chair with arms may also be a comfortable alternative. LodgeCraft carries log, barn wood, oak, aspen, pine and many more types of lodge dining chairs. Dining Chairs
Dining Table A dining table is a table at which meals are served. Dining tables have evolved into many different styles and shapes. The most common shapes are square or rectangular and round or oval. Some dining tables have the versatility of additional leaves that can be added or removed from the table to provide for extra space when needed. Dining Room Furniture Sets are often accompanied by matching chairs, buffets, hutches, china cabinets, or a sideboard server. Lodge dining tables come in all shapes, sizes and wood types, and we have an awesome selection. Dining Table
Distressed (or Distressing) The art of making furniture and other household items appear antique or rustic, often by purposely denting or marking them. Our LodgeCraft Renaissance is a great example of distressed furniture, Made in Montana! Distressed (or Distressing)
Dovetail A type of joinery using interlocking wedge shapes, often used in drawer construction. One of our more innovative lodge furniture designs features a dovetailed furniture outer cabinet. Our unique design features outer edges that are dovetail joined to add total a totally rustic feeling. Dovetail
Dowel A headless wooden pin used to join two pieces of wood together. The dowel is inserted into a hole bored into one or both pieces, then glued into place. Dowel
Drawer Slides (or Glides) The tracks or runners along which a drawer moves when being opened or closed. Varieties of guides available include full extension glides, metal ball-bearing glides, metal glides with rollers, and wooden center guides. Some drawer glides are self-closing. Drawer Slides (or Glides)
Dresser A chest of drawers typically a single stack of drawers, used to store clothing. Dressers are often wide, with two columns of drawers and have a mirror attached. LodgeCraft carries a huge variety of imported and American Made rustic dressers. Dresser
Drop Leaf A table with a fixed center section and hinged side sections that can be lowered. LodgeCraft carries the Old Hickory drop leaf dining tables. Drop Leaf
DuraCane This is an environmentally-friendly synthetic cane material that is completely colored throughout, smudge-proof and resistant to temperature variations. It is handwoven in a herringbone pattern. DuraCane is just one of Old Hickory Furniture's options for outdoor seating. DuraCane
DuraWeave This synthetic strapping has a great rustic appearance. It is completely colored throughout, smudge-proof and resistant to temperature variations. It resembles a vintage weave. DuraWeave is used on Old Hickory outdoor furniture. DuraWeave
Duvet One of the most popular bed coverings a duvet has either a button or zipper closure which opens to allow an insert for fluffiness and for more warmth. It can be used without the insert if desired. Often on high-end bedding. One such example is Berry Creek, which offers American Made Duvets and bed sets in rustic and lodge themes. Duvet
E Embossing The process of imprinting or stamping a three-dimensional design onto a piece of furniture. Mostly utilized on wooden furniture to lend it the aarance of carving. Embossing
End Table An end table is commonly found in the living room, at the end of a couch or near a chair. End tables often are a resting place foor books, lamps and other items. LodgeCraft offer a wide selection of nightstands and End Tables in cabin and lodge styles. End Table
Entertainment Center An entertainment center is a shelving unit to place a TV and stereo equipment on. The larger TV's have become, the larger entertainment units have grown. From cabinets to console styles, LodgeCraft carries several rustic and lodge style Entertainment Centers. Entertainment Center
F Fabric Grade A grade is usually based on the material, the availability, and the wear ability of the fabric. Old Hickory Furniture has Grades 10-60. Fabric Grade
File Cabinet Either a vertical or horizontal cabinet made with regular or legal size drawers for filing papers and other information. Usually two or four drawers. LodgeCraft makes file cabinets in all of our Montana Made lines and also offers other styles of File Cabinets. File Cabinet
Finial An ornamental detail often found on the tops of bed posts or at the corners of standing furniture pieces. The tops of lamp shades often have decorative finials. Finial
Fireplace Screen Either decorative or utilitarian a screen is placed in front of the fire to prevent sparks from flying. Decorative screens are often tiffany glass and used only for their beauty. Fireplace Screen
Floor Lamp A tall lamp which stands on the floor, usually including a wide base to prevent the lamp from falling or tipping. We have a great selection of lodge and rustic style Floor Lamps, from American Made to imported lines. Floor Lamp
Four Poster Any bed with four high posts positioned at each corner. Originally, the posts were designed to support elaborate fabric curtains and upholstered treatments which totally enclosed the bed. LodgeCraft has several Four Poster Beds in our rustic bedroom furniture collection. Four Poster
Futon A futon is a type of sofa that folds down into a bed. They often have a 'futon mat', or mattress that doubles as a seat cushion when it's folded up into the sofa position. LodgeCraft makes several Futon Beds from our Montana Workshop. Futon
G Game Table A table that is used for game and card playing. Old Hickory Furniture makes a Game Table that can be flipped to a smooth dining side. LodgeCraft also makes a pine game table in our Montana pine log furniture collection. Game Table
H Hair on Hide A cowhide used for furniture or rugs where the hair is left on the hide during the tanning process. This also includes the same process for seat upholsterey. Cow hide upholstery is very popular on our Old Hickory Furniture seated furniture. Hair on Hide
Hall Tree A piece of furniture upon which coats and hats are hung. Usually found in a front hallway or entryway. May also be equipped with mirrors, drawers, or benches. We make a pine log hall tree with four or eight hanging pegs, in out Somers workshop. Hall Tree
Hardwoods Dense cell structure in trees such as walnut, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany or others. Often used in fine furniture. Old Hickory uses hardwoods in many of their tops. Hardwoods
Harvest Table A narrow, rectangular dining table, often with drop leaves, designed to take up very little space when leaves are lowered. LodgeCraft makes our own Harvest Table and promotes several other styles from our American Made furniture friends. Harvest Table
Headboard An upright structure rising above the mattress at the head of the bed. Common types include the chair back headboard, panel headboard, and bookcase headboard. LodgeCraft offers rustic and cabin style headboards on most of our American Made Beds. See our awesome selection of Beds & Headboards. Headboard
Herringbone Cane Weave Twice the strength of the open weave tightly woven 3/8" rattan cane with an elegantly rustic look. Some splitting and breakage is normal but can be repaired with our cane repair kits. See more about Herringbone Cane and other weave options for Old Hickory Furniture. Herringbone Cane Weave
Hickory Furniture Furniture that is made of hickory saplings or hickory boards. We specialize in Old Hickory products, made of saplings that are steamed and bent into an array of different lodge furniture products. See our entire collection of Old Hickory Furniture. Hickory Furniture
Hide-a-Bed A bed that is contained within a sofa or loveseat. When the cushions are removed, the bed is revealed and is opened to form a bed for your guests. Hide-a-Beds are mattress only beds and do not have boxsprings. Hide-a-Bed
Hoop Back A chair back formed by a bent piece of wood fitted with vertical spindles. In Windsor chairs a bow back. Old Hickory offers several styles of Hoop Back Chairs in our rustic furniture collection. Hoop Back
Hutch A piece of furniture featuring shelves or cabinets on top of a solid base, such as a desk or buffet. LodgeCraft builds and also promotes several styles of Rustic Hutches of Pine, Hickory and more. Hutch
I Imported Furniture Furniture that is made outside the USA, often off continent, typically of exquisite hardwoods that are unobtainable in the United States. Imported Furniture
Inlay Wood or other materials that are set into corresponding carved out recesses often producing a pattern. Inlay
J Joinery The physical connection between two pieces in furniture construction. Joinery
K Kid's Furniture Kid's furniture is specially designed for kids. It is usually designed with eye-catching colors and styles that are suitable for children. Some children's furniture is designed with space-saving functions like storage drawers and desks built into the beds. Kids Furniture
Kiln Dried Kiln drying reduces the moisture content of the lumber, a process which inhibits checking, splitting and strengthens the finished product. We try to keep our log furniture at 8% or less as we used dead standing lodgepole that inhibits checking and cracking. Kiln Dried
Kitchen Furniture May include storage furniture for storing food related items or tableware such as bakers racks, wine racks and pot racks. Kitchen carts and islands are (sometimes moveable) pieces of furniture used for preparing or serving food. Kitchen Furniture
L Lacquer A clear or colored varnish used to seal, protect, and beautify the surface of a furniture piece. Its sheen level can range from ultra matte to high gloss. LodgeCraft uses water based environment friendly lacquers. Lacquer
Laminate A thin material glued to the exterior of a piece of furniture or other surface. Formica and plywood are often used as laminate materials. Laminate
Lattice An ornamental or structural framework consisting of criss-crossed strips of materials. This is often used in outdoor fencing and decorative. Lattice
Leaf A single panel in a tabletop, sometimes removable or droppable, depending on construction. Leaf
Laced Leather Weave 1/2" wide leather strips are woven in a tight herringbone pattern to provide superior strength and comfort. Available in Indian Tan and Chocolate. Laced Leather Weave
Lighting Any furniture such as table lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps or wall lanterns which are made for illuminating a room, patio, or walkway in dark environments or at night. Lighting
Lingerie Chest A tall, narrow chest of drawers originally designed to hold women's undergarments. Lingerie Chest
Living Room Furniture Living room furniture usually includes couches, sofas, coffee tables, end tables, love seats, and chairs that are placed in your living room. Styles range from traditional to contemporary and transitional, which is a combination of styles. Living Room Furniture
Lodge Furniture Furniture with a rustic flair, often high-end with a natural look. Log, reclaimed, quarter sawn oak, and other materials are used in Lodge Furniture. Lodge Furniture
Loft Bed Loft beds are similar to bunk beds except there is sometimes only one bed and the lower space is used for storage or a desk. Often the beds are placed perpendicular to each other and the supports for the top bed also container drawers, shelving, or cabinets for storage. Loft Bed
Log Furniture Furniture crafted from wood logs. Log furniture is known for its style of long, cylindrical pieces and is prized for its rustic sometimes craggy look. Although some prefer the sleeker more finished log pieces. Both types can bring a "natural" feel to a room, as the wood is not usually stained, although still lacquered as a protective finish for durability. Log Furniture
Loveseat Double chair or small sofa. Loveseats are used when a small footprint is needed but you want room for more than one person. Some come with hide-a-beds. Loveseat
M Mattress A large rectangular pad used for supporting a person's body comfortably while they sleep. A mattress is most often combined with a bed frame and a box-spring although may be used by itself. Mattresses may contain coil springs, foam rubber (or "memory foam") or air chambers. Mattress
MDF An acronym for medium density fiberboard, an engineered wood product made from compressed particles of wood and used in the construction of furniture. Also known as custom wood or craft wood. MDF
Memory Foam Mattress A Memory Foam Mattress is distinguished from a regular 'inner-coil' mattress in the way that it is made. Memory foam mattresses are made only with memory foam, which is made from polyurethane with additional chemicals that add to its viscosity level. Memory foam was initially developed by NASA to protect astronauts from G forces and impact on landing. Different types of memory foam mattresses have different thicknesses and densities of memory foam in the layers of memory foam that provide the support. Memory Foam Mattress
Mica Shade Mica, a naturally occurring mineral that separates into thin tough often transparent laminate. When combined with organic shellac, the end reulst is a beautiful lamp shade. We carry two main colors of shades, Mica Orange and Mica Almond. Mica Shade
Mirror A reflecting surface of glass backed with a material that gives a faithful representation of an object. Our mirrors are framed with wood or metal and are traditional, rustic, contemporary or transitional. Mirror
Mission Furniture Furniture that is representative of the Arts and Crafts Era. Often made of oak and usually of straight uncomplicated lines. Mission Furniture
Miter Joint (or Mitered Corner) A diagonal joint made by beveling two pieces that are joined together. Often used in picture and door frames. Miter Joint
Mortise and Tenon A joint where the end of one piece of wood (the tenon) aka. the male end, fits into a hole in the second piece of wood (the mortise). Mortise and Tenon
Mule Chest A chest with a hinged top and storage well on top, similar to a dresser or chest of drawers. At times a mule chest will have a "special" door mixed in with the drawers. Mule Chest
N Nailheads Decorative nails used to fasten fabric or leather to a chair or sofa frame. Nailheads
Nest-of-Tables or Nesting Tables Small occasional tables that are graduated in size so that they slide beneath one another. Nest-of-Tables or Nesting Tables
Night Stand A small, low table or cabinet that sits by a bed. Many of our lines offer night stands in two sizes, one that is simple and another with perhaps a door/drawer combination. Night Stand
O Oak Furniture Furniture that is made of oak wood. As the grain is straight and precise many pieces of the Arts and Crafts line lend themselves to this type of wood. Oak Furniture
Occasional Chair This chair might be used near a couch or sofa, by an extra table in your home or as an extra seat in your bedroom. Usually a comfortable table for relaxing. We carry a variety of occasional chairs. Occasional Chair
Occasional Table A small, portable table used for various purposes, such as end or coffee tables. Occasional Table
Office Chair A chair used in an office environment featuring a comfortable seat and back and the ability to turn 360 degrees. Comfort and posture are very important in an office chair, as it may be used for a long period of time in a workday. Office chairs often have casters on them to allow you to roll around your workspace. Office Chair
Open Cane Weave Open weave Rattan Cane uses the strongest 3/8" rattan available. This style is used in seats and chair backs. Open Cane Weave
Ottoman An upholstered seat or bench usually without a back or an overstuffed footstool. Ottoman
Outdoor Furniture Furniture with an outdoor coating or lacquer that stands up to adverse conditions. White Cedar is often used without any finish as it is bug and rot resistant. Outdoor Furniture
P Patina A luster or shine that develops with use over time, characteristic of antique furnishings. Patina
Patio Furniture Patio furniture is mainly used outside on the patio or around the pool. It's designed to withstand the elements. Patio or pool furniture is made from teak, cedar, aluminum, or plastic compounds. Patio Furniture
Pedestal Table A table which has a central supporting column or pillar. When you refer to a dining table, this is often nice for ease of seating your guests, without having table leges conflict with your chairs. Pedestal Table
Pendant A decorative lighting fixture that is suspended from the ceiling. They are often hung on chains or on rods that can at times be adjustable. Pendant
Pine Furniture With a variety of pine species this would be furniture constructed of pine logs or wood planks. Pine takes a finish easily. It is softwood. Pine Furniture
Platform Bed Platform beds are beds whose bases consists of a raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface meant to support a mattress. Usually, they have a 'low-profile' footboard. You can use them with or without a boxspring, depending on your preference. Platform Bed
Plywood An engineered wood product created from thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together. The grain of each layer is at a right angle to that of adjacent layers, making it less prone to warping. Plywood
Poly Dacron Wrap A cushion construction method in which a soft resilient polyester material is wrapped around a polyurethane core. Poly Dacron Wrap
Polyurethane A synthetic foam used for stuffing seat cushions; the high-density form is used for higher-end furniture. Polyurethane
Q Quilt Bedding, often two layers, one of which is decorative that has a layer of fill sandwiched between the backing and pieced materials. A quilt is a form of blanket that is made from the quilting sewing technique. Quilt
R Rawhide One-half inch strips of rawhide are stained a coffee color, or bleached white and woven in an open diamond pattern. The stained leather has a more aged appearance. Rawhide
Regular Bark Refers to a bark finish option from Old Hickory Furniture. Old Hickory sands off the burrs and irregularities of their hickory saplings leaving most of the bark intact. Regular Bark
Renaissance The reawakening of our heritage and cultural roots in Montana. Our Renaissance Line employs classic dovetail woodworking where the fronts and sides of the cabinets are joined. Renaissance
Rocker A staple in homes of yesteryear, the rocker is a chair with a curved base that allows for a comfortable back and forth motion when sitting. Rocker
Rug A thick woven piece of fabric used for covering certain areas of a floor, either for aesthetics or comfort. Rugs are highly customizable, using varying materials and colors. Designs may be abstract or displaying a certain image. Rug
Rustic A casual, country style, marked by the use of unfinished or distressed woods. Often with natural markings and distressed areas. Used in a variety of home styles. Rustic
Rustic Finish This is the most popular of the Old Hickory finishes and looks especially rich on the hickory saplings. It does impart a reddish orange finish to their casegoods. Rustic Finish
Rustic Lighting Lighting used to complement the Lodge or Cabin look in homes. Often wrought iron, steel, antler, or copper finish or metal. MICA lights look good in any rustic, lodge, or great room decor. Rustic Lighting
S Saddle Leather Old Hickory takes 1" wide strips of thick saddle leather and weaves it in an open pattern. Available in three color choices: English Mahogany, Chestnut, and Natural. Saddle Leather
Secretary A writing desk or cabinet with a drop-leaf that opens to provide a writing surface. Usually sits on a base of drawers. Secretary
Sectional Furniture made up of modular units capable of use separately or in various combinations. Often with a chaise at one end. Some have sleepers included. Sectional
Settee A long seat that can accommodate two or more people. In past times the settee was used in the parlor or drawing room of homes. Outdoor settees are quite popular now. We have them of red and white cedar. Settee
Server A piece of furniture used for serving items. Often has a shelf underneath and includes drawers for serving pieces, cutlery, and napkins. Server
Side Chair A straight-backed, armless chair, often part of a dining room set. Side Chair
Sideboard A table usually found in the dining room flanking a wall, used for storage and to display serving ware. Typically features cabinets or cupboards on the sides and a wide drawer in the center. Sideboard
Skip Peel Using a draw knife part of the bark is "peeled off" leaving a somewhat distressed and varied look. This is the typical peel of log furniture. Skip Peel
Skirt A piece of fabric that hangs near the bottom of a sofa or chair; or a panel of wood connecting the legs of a piece of furniture. A bed skirt is used to cover a mattress and add a bit of color. Skirt
Sleigh Bed A bed with a curled or scrolled headboard and footboard, similar in aarance to a horse-drawn sleigh. The headboard is usually a bit higher than the footboard. Adapted from a widely used French Empire style. Sleigh Bed
Sofa A two or three cushion couch or sofa used for seating for three or more people. A traditional sofa is two or three cushions that can be loose or attached. Sofa
Sofa Table A long, thin, tall, occasional table placed against the back of a sofa or against a wall. Original 18th century versions had small, rounded drop leaf ends and drawers. Sofa Table
Soft Woods Wood from a conifer (cone bearing tree). Pine, cedar and redwood are common examples. Soft Woods
Spindle A cylindrically symmetric shaft, typically adorned with decorative elements. Commonly utilized to adorn the back of a chair or headboard. Spindle
Spoke Back Chair A chair with spindles used for the backrest. Usually used as an accent or around the dining room table. Spoke Back Chair
Steam Bend A method of bending a single piece of wood (bowback chair, bowed splat, etc.) into a furniture part. Since the wood grain is bent instead of cut, this method yields exceptional strength. Old Hickory uses steam bending with small saplings. Steam Bend
Swag A ceiling lamp with a long chain that allows it to be moved to a different location depending upon table placement etc. Swag
T Table Lamp A lamp for use beside a couch or chair or on an accent piece. We have our table lamps classified by size for easier purchasing. Table Lamp
Tahoe Bark The outer bark is heavily sanded which exposes some of the inner core and cambium layer of the sapling. It is a smooth finish and shows more variations in appearance by allowing the inner layer to show through. Tahoe Bark
Tallboy (chest-on-chest) A tall chest made up of a broad chest-of-drawers as its base, and a slightly smaller chest-of-drawers as its top. Often found in turn of the century homes. Tallboy (chest-on-chest)
Throw Blanket A small blanket or quilt used either as a lap robe while sitting or to toss over your legs while watching TV. These are also useful on watercraft, camping, picnics etc. Throw Blanket
Tiffany Lighting Louis Comfort is the father of original Tiffany Lamps. His style has been reintroduced by numerous companies that use the same copperfoil techniques, tiffany art glass, lead free solder etc. to manufacture beautiful lighting items. We sell tiffany table, buffet, accent, chandeliers, sconces, pendants, torchieres etc. Tiffany Lighting
Tongue and Groove A type of joint where two flat pieces of wood are joined together edge-to-edge to create a single flat surface. Each piece features a tongue (a thin, deep ridge) along one side, and a groove (a slot) on the other side; the tongue of one piece fits into the groove of an adjoining piece. Tongue and Groove
Torchiere A floor lamp with a long stem and inverted shade for projecting light upward. Torchiere
Trestle Table A table top supported by a braced frame (divided foot, horse), often consisting of two posts with feet, joined by a connecting member. Trestle Table
Trundle Bed A low or collapsible bed which is stored under another bed. Trundles are often used for guests or for children as a temporary sleeping arrangment. Trundle Bed
Twig Back Chair Usually a rustic style furnishing and often hand constructed. They will vary in look and design but will be the same basic footprint. They are often framed by larger saplings or at times metal. Twig Back Chair
U Urethane Foam (Polyurethane) Flexible polyurethane foam is used as a cushioning material in upholstered furniture seats, backs and arms. It is an extremely versatile product that can be produced to have practically any "feel" - from very firm to very plush. For seat cushioning, foams that have a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot or higher offer the best support and durability characteristics. Several types of polyurethane foam are used in upholstered furniture. Conventional polyurethane is the most widely used. High resilience (HR foam) is used at higher price points because it offers superior support and surface softness. High comfort (HC foam) normally falls between conventional foams or foams containing a variety of materials used to increase density are also used. Urethane Foam (Polyurethane)
V Vanity Lamp A smaller lamp than most table lamps that is used for accents or to highlight a specific area. Vanity Lamp
Veneer A thin decorative layer of wood that is applied to underlying wood solids or particleboard. Veneers are used to match and balance grain, create inlay and banding effects. Veneer
Vintage Weave This one/half-inch-wide pine-pulp material has been used by Old Hickory since the 1920's. It is woven in a herringbone pattern to give it an authentic, historic look. Vintage Weave
W Wall Sconce A lighting fixture that is attached to a wall. This gives light to stairwells, hallways, alcoves etc. Some of the sconces have swing out projections but most have an extension of 5-8 inches. We carry rustic iron, craftsman copper, stained glass, among others sconces. Wall Sconce
Wardrobe In the bygone days these were a staple in all homes. With the advent of closets wardrobes became decorative and added an old time grace to bedrooms. They are now used as entertainment centers, storage units, and even china cabinets. Wardrobe
Welting Cord wrapped in fabric which is used to trim upholstery seams and places where the fabric meets exposed wood. Welting
Windsor Chair A wooden chair with a bentwood, fan, hoops or bow back and legs that are pegged into a thick saddle seat. The back is often formed of plain or turned spindles with or without splats. Windsor Chair
Wood Splint Weave Rattans inner core is cut into 5/8" strips that are woven into a herringbone pattern for superior durability and comfort. Light brown colored stain is standard. Custom stains are available by request. Wood Splint Weave
Writing Table A small almost console style table with a flat surface usually having one drawer for paper and pencils. These take less floor space than a desk and are a lovely place to sit and pen a special note to an individual. Writing Table
Y Yard Swing An outdoor swing that is usually built on a platform that allows for placement anywhere you want to swing. Different than a regular porch swing as it is self supporting. Yard Swing