If it is rustic sconces that you are looking for, then you have come to the right place! LodgeCraft has hundreds of cabin, western, Tiffany and rustic sconces. Our American Made sconces come in a variety of finishes and glass options. Our American Made sconces have an American Flag on the detail page to show you the country of origin. Our imported sconces come as pictured, but rest assured that they are of the highest quality. Many of our rustic sconces are U.L. approved for wet locations outdoors.

Most of our rustic sconces are direct wired, however some have the option for a switch to turn them off and on. Whether you fancy bears, cowboys, distressed or any other number of rustic themes, we have the sconce that you are looking for. Many of our American Made sconces cam be customized too, so if you are wanting something other than what is pictured, let us know and we will see if it is doable.
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Whitetail Single Antler Wall Sconce
Whitetail Double Antler Wall Sconce
Moose Antler Wall Sconce (set of two)
Timber Ridge Antler Sconce
Lone Antler Sconce
Antler Vegas Sconce
Sutter's Mill 49er Wood Wall Mount Sconce
Sutter's Mill 49er Hook Arm Mount Sconce
Sutter's Mill 49er Reflector Wall Mount Sconce
Sutter's Mill Pioneer Wood Wall Mount Sconce
Sutter's Mill Pioneer Scroll Arm Mount Sconce
Large Wall Sconce - 17"
Small Wall Sconce - 14"
Single Wall Lamp
Double Wall Lamp
Los Feliz Manor Wall Torchiere
Los Feliz Griffith Wall Pendant
Los Feliz Monterey 1-Candle Wall Sconce
Los Feliz Scroll Wall Sconce
Los Feliz Rancho Wall Sconce
Los Feliz 2-Candle Rancho Sconce
Los Feliz Votive Sconce
Elf Lantern
Jester Lantern
Knight Lantern
Rocky Mountain Single Sconce
Rocky Mountain Double Sconce
Duomo Hanging Sconce
Rogue River Pasadena Hanging Sconce
Pasadena Vallejo Hanging Sconce
Rogue River Double Sconce
Cowboy Sunset Peaked Sconce - Small
Timber Ridge Sconce - Seattle
Timber Ridge Sconce - San Carlos
Seattle Swing Arm Sconce - Single
Tahoe Rivets Mesh Sconce
Rogue River Tahoe Sconce
Summit Sconce
Crestone Double Sconce
Blanca Double Sconce
Saratoga Hanging Sconce
Rogue River Truckee Wet Sconce
Rogue River Willapa Wet Sconce
Rainier Bear Sconce
Rainier Elk Sconce
Rainier Ponderosa Pine Sconce
8 Seconds Timber Ridge Sconce
A Bear Was Here Sconce
Bavarian Elk Sconce
Bear Double Sconce
Bear Single Swing Arm Light
Bear Timber Sconce
Bundle Of Sticks Double Sconce
Bundle Of Sticks Single Sconce
Cowboy Sunset Timber Ridge Sconce
Elk Timber Sconce
Fish Timber Sconce
Gingko Prairie Hanging Sconce
Glacier Rivets Sconce
Hillcrest Hanging Sconce
Lone Sticks Sconce
Lone Tree Sconce
Mission Tapered Wall Sconce
Moose Double Sconce
Moose Rainier Sconce
Moose Single Swing Arm Light
Moose Timber Sconce
Bear Vegas Sconce
Sticks Vegas Sconce
Wapiti Vegas Sconce
Moose Vegas Sconce
Pinecone Vegas Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Vegas Sconce
San Carlos Vegas Sconce
Rogue River Ranch Vegas Sconce
Deer Vegas Sconce
Bark at the Moon Vegas Sconce
Pasadena Bear Hanging Sconce
Pasadena Elk Hanging Sconce
Pasadena Hanging Sconce
Pasadena Pinecone Hanging Sconce
Pasadena Ponderosa Pine Hanging Sconce
Pasadena Sticks Hanging Sconce
Decatur Hanging Sconce
Duomo Hanging Sconce
Pine Cone Double Sconce
Pinecone Double Swing Arm Light
Pinecone Single Swing Arm Light
Ponderosa Pine Double Wall Sconce with Rawhide Shade
Ponderosa Pine Glacier Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Tapered Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Timber Sconce
Portland Open Sconce
Prairie Hanging Sconce
Rivets Open Sconce
Rivets Timber Sconce
Rogue River Ranch Sconce
San Carlos Double Vanity Light
San Carlos Willapa Sconce
San Marcos Hanging Sconce
Saranac Sconce
Sonoma Sconce
Spur of the Moment Double Sconce
St. George Candle Sconce
St. Regis Double Sconce
Sticks Tapered Sconce
Timber Ridge Ferron Forge Sconce
Timber Ridge Barking at the Moon Sconce
Timber Ridge Bear Sconce
Timber Ridge Lucky Horseshoe Sconce
Timber Ridge Moose Sconce
Timber Ridge Pinecone Sconce
Timber Ridge Ponderosa Pine Sconce
Timber Ridge Rivets Sconce
Timber Ridge Sconce
Timber Ridge Bear Hanging Sconce
Timber Ridge Elk Hanging Sconce
Timber Ridge Hanging Sconce
Timber Ridge Moose Hanging Sconce
Timber Ridge Single Swing Arm Light
Timber Ridge Spur of the Moment Sconce
Timber Ridge Sticks Sconce
Timber Ridge Wapiti Sconce
Topridge Hanging Sconce
Carnelian Mission Wall Sconce
Diamond Mission Wall Sconce
Mackintosh Leaf 2-Lt Sconce
Fleur-de-lis Art Glass Wall Sconce - Large
Navajo Mission Wall Sconce
Arrowheads One Light Wall Sconce
Meyda Pinecone Mission Wall Sconce
Meyda Cabbage Rose Wall Sconce
Meyda Pinecone Ridge Wall Sconce
Meyda Variegated Fishscale Wall Sconce
Meyda Middleton Wall Sconce
Classic Craftsman Sconce
Inglenook Sconce
Zephyr Outdoor Small Wall Lantern
Hillcrest Outdoor Small Hanging Sconce
Hillcrest Outdoor Medium Hanging Sconce
Hillcrest Outdoor Large Hanging Sconce