Jaipur Rugs

Lodge Furniture, Rustic Lighting and Cabin Decor
Jaipur Rugs is a recent addition to our LodgeCraft family of goods. They are made with the finest fabrics including wool, silk, hemp, and cotton. Jaipur gives you plenty of choices when it comes to lodge furniture decor. Some of the rugs are "Quick Ship" rugs and ship within 5-7 days of receiving the order. Look at the description for the individual rugs, it shows if the rug is "Quick Ship" or not. The construction tab on the items page has simple instructions for care and cleaning of your Jaipur Rugs. Sizes are listed for each rug, but custom orders are available. If you ever see a Jaipur rug, anywhere, but you don't see it on our website, give us a call and we will order the rug for you if Jaipur still makes it. Call us and we can work with you to create the exact rug and size you need and what it will cost. Please enjoy your search!
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Brio Cherry Blossom Rug
City Regency 04 Rug
Clayton Pals Rug
Connextion Ruby Room 08 Rug
Connextion Ruby Room 15 Rug
Connextion Wasabi Rug
Connextion Versailles Rug
Chaos Theory Rug
Coastal Resort Rug
Heritage Chantilly Rug
Mythos Abers Rug
Poeme Alsace Rug
Poeme Nantes Rug
Poeme Rennes Rug
Atlantis Taj Rug
Mythos Anthea Rug
Mythos Callisto Rug
Poeme Abralin Rug
Poeme Gascony Rug
Poeme Chambery Rug
Poeme Lille Rug
Poeme Orleans Rug
Poeme Rodez Rug
Bedouin Amman Rug
Bedouin Adrian Rug
Bedouin Thebes Rug
Pura Vida Kingston Rug
Naturals Lucia Mayen Rug
Naturals Lucia Achelle Rug
Naturals Lucia Adesina Rug
Naturals Tobago Aboo Rug
Naturals Tobago Aaron Rug
Calypso Rug
Basis Rug
Konstrukt Kelle Rug
Elements Rug
Nadia Rug
Biscotti Braided Rug
Peppercorn Braided Rug
Pumpkin Pie Braided Rug
Seascape Braided Rug
Hudson Cider Barn Jute Braided Rug
Hudson Harvest Jute Braided Rug
Hudson Russet Jute Braided Rug
Hudson Selem Jute Braided Rug
Hudson Timber Trail Jute Braided Rug
Hudson Vancouver Jute Braided Rug
Barcelona UD Braided Rug
Black Forest UD Braided Rug
Dover UD Braided Rug
Driftwood UD Braided Rug
Tuscany UD Braided Rug
Geode Scroll Rug
Zuri Zamunda Rug
En Casa Cotton Blossom Rug
En Casa Fossil Branch Rug
Britta Oland Rug
Britta Plus Rus
Baroque Bernini Rug
Sketch Terrain Rug
Uptown York Rug
Opus Allegro Rug
Opus Tree of Life Rug
Anatolia Kaleidiscope Rug
Jaipur Nirvana Premium Iver Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Nirvana Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Desert Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Catalina Harrow Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Catalina Petrea Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Catalina Mineral Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Catalina Blaze Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Rebecca Limon Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Grant Design Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur colours Wallflower Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Acadia Tortola Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Acadia Bar Island Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Acadia Staniel Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Knox Middlebrook Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Knox Cado Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Jaipur Village By Artemis Rug - Karter
Jaipur Village By Artemis Rug - Azra
Jaipur Verna Rug
Jaipur Cabin Rug - Fir, Blue
Jaipur Cabin Rug - Fir, Red
Jaipur Cabin Rug - Pine
Jaipur Cabin Rug - Alder
Jaipur Stitched Rug
Jaipur Preston Rug-Saratoga-Red
Jaipur Preston Rug-Saratoga-White
Jaipur Preston Rug-Jameson-Gray
Jaipur Preston Rug-Jameson-Blue
Jaipur Preston Rug-Jameson-Neutral
Jaipur Dash Rug-Zeal-Black
Jaipur Dash Rug-Zeal-Neutral
Jaipur Dash Rug-Zeal-Neutral
Jaipur Cere Rug, Chyenne - Gray
Jaipur Cere Rug, Solana - Gray
Jaipur Cere Rug, Eris - Gray
Jaipur Tabriz Rug-Jewel-Blue
Jaipur Tabriz Rug-Emilion-Blue
Jaipur Tabriz Rug-Emilion-Neutral
Jaipur Tabriz Rug-Jewel-Red
Jaipur Tabriz Rug-Emilion-Red
Jaipur Tabriz Rug-Porrero-Brown
Jaipur Kokoda Rug-Darby
Jaipur Anatolia Rug - Byzantium
Jaipur Anatolia Rug - Fennel
Jaipur Carolina Rug - Meyer
Jaipur Carolina Rug - Dennison
Jaipur En Casa Rug - Sawyer
Jaipur Tala Rug - Black
Jaipur Tala Rug - White
Jaipur Tala Rug - Gray