Pendants & Hanging Lights

Pendants & Hanging Lights
Rustic pendants and hanging lights from Steel Partners are sure to infuse flair into your project. With many styles and collections to choose from you are sure to find the perfect fit for your room. We have several finishes for our lodge pendants, including Rust, Old Iron, Black, Mountain Brown and Architectural Bronze. Complement those finishes with Amber or White Mica, Slag glass, Bungalow Green or Khaki lenses to create a truly unique, custom pendant. All of our rustic pendants are Made in the USA, so you are assured that the highest quality lighting from the best possible components, is the end result. For commercial and home decorating, our Steel Partners pendants are a must.
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8 Seconds Swag
Anacosti Double Light
Bavarian Elk Pendant
Bundle of Sticks Pendant
Campromise Double Light
Pasadena Vallejo Pendant
Seattle Pendant
Trulli Pendant
Campromise Pendant
Decatur Pendant
Saratoga Pendant
Duomo Pendant
Gingko Prairie Pendant
Glacier Pinecone 1 Light Pendant
Glacier - Ponderosa Pine Pendant - 2 Light
Glacier - Ponderosa Pine Pendant - 3 Light
Historic California Double Light
Historic California Pendant
LaPaz Pendant
Mission Lake Pendant - Small
Old Faithful Pendant - Small
Palm Springs Mesh Pendant
Pasadena Bear Pendant
Pasadena Elk Pendant
Pasadena Pendant
Pasadena Ponderosa Pine Pendant
Pasadena Sticks Pendant
Ponderosa Pine-Round Rawhide-Double
Ponderosa Pine-Round Rawhide-Single
Portland Open Ceiling Lantern
Portland Open Pendant
Portland Pendant
Rivets Mini Pendant
Rogue River Mesh Swag
Rogue River Mesh Swag with Mica
Rogue River Prairie Mesh Pendant
Pasadena San Carlos Triple Anacosti Light
Saranac Double Light
Saranac Pendant
Gig Harbor Pendant
Glacier - Ponderosa Pine Pendant - 2 Light
Glacier - Ponderosa Pine Pendant - 3 Light
Mountain Modern Ferron Forge Pendant
Spanish Revival Tulli Double Anacosti Light
Spanish Revival Hillcrest Double Anacosti Light
Spanish Revival Monarch Pendant
Spanish Revival Tuscany Pendant - Mesh
Timber Ridge Bear Pendant - Small
Timber Ridge Deer Pendant - Small
Timber Ridge Elk Pendant - Small
Timber Ridge Moose Pendant - Small
Timber Ridge Pendant - Small
Timber Ridge Plain Pendant
Topridge Pendant - Large
Topridge Pendant - Small
Tuscany Mesh Pendant
Wallowa Swag
Portland Open Mesh Pendant
Timber Ridge - Bear Triple Game Light
Bundle of Sticks Swag
Cowboy Sunset Swag
Mission Lake Swag
Prairie Swag
Wapiti Swag
Moose Swag
Ponderosa Pine Swag
Fly Fisherman Swag
Band of Trees Swag
Band of Moose Swag
Band of Bears Swag
Band of Moose Meadow Swag
Band of Trees Meadow Swag
Band of Bears Meadow Swag
Canyon Swag - Moose
Canyon Swag - Deer
Canyon Swag - Bark at the Moon
Canyon Swag - Ponderosa Pine
Canyon Swag - Bundle of Sticks