Outdoor Lights

Lodge Furniture, Rustic Lighting and Cabin Decor
Outdoor Lighting is a great way to light up your home and to add a sense of rustic style from the first impression. Choose from a variety of more traditional outdoor lighting, post mounts, and stained glass lighting. Or select from our rustic outdoor lighting, which features many themes including bears, western, trees, distressed and many other lodge style offerings. All of our outdoor lighting is U.L. approved for wet locations. Since 1988, LodgeCraft has been the preferred source for homeowners and commercial developers alike, when it comes to rustic outdoor lighting.
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Mission Style Outdoor Chandelier
Outdoor Wall Light
Pinecone Outdoor Wall Light
Aspen Outdoor Wall Light
Historic California Sconce - Wet Location
Orange Grove Sconce - Wet Location
Old Faithful Peaked Sconce - Small - Wet
Mountain Skier Peaked Sconce - Small - Wet
Pasadena Bear Wet Sconce - Wet
Pasadena Elk Wet Sconce - Wet
Pasadena Moose Wet Sconce - Wet
Pasadena Pinecone Wet Sconce - Wet
San Carlos Pasadena Sconce - Wet Location
Pasadena Wet Sconce - Wet
San Carlos Sconce - Wet Location
San Marcos Wet Sconce - Wet
Cascade Bear Outdoor Sconce
Cascade Sticks Outdoor Sconce
Cascade Ponderosa Pine Outdoor Sconce
Ridge Top Ponderosa Pine Outdoor Sconce
Mesa Ponderosa Pine Outdoor Sconce
LaPaz Sconce - Wet Location
Portland Wet Sconce - Wet
Rogue River Truckee Wet Sconce
Bundle of Sticks WetLo Wall Sconce
Campromise Sconce - WetLo
Pinecone Sconce - WetLo
Ponderosa Pine Sconce - WetLo
Willapa Bear Sconce - WetLo
Willapa Moose Sconce - WetLo
Willapa Pinecone Sconce - WetLo
Willapa Timber Ridge Sconce - WetLo
Bundle of Sticks Tri Roof Sconce - WetLo
Cowboy Sunset Tri Roof Sconce - WetLo
8 Seconds Tri Roof Sconce - WetLo
Sutter's Mill 49er Three-Inch Post Mount Lantern
Sutter's Mill Pioneer Three-Inch Post Mount Lantern
Sutter's Mill 49er Brass Three-Inch Post Mount Lantern
Charlston 1303 Pendant (Outdoor)
Grelha 1010 Sconce (Outdoor)
Grelha 1011 Sconce (Outdoor)
Grelha 1012 Pendant (Outdoor)
Grelha 1013 Pendant (Outdoor)
Grelha 1016 Post Lamp (Outdoor)
Grelha 1017 Post Lamp (Outdoor)
Escotilha 1203 Pendant (Outdoor)
Escotilha 1200 Sconce (Outdoor)
Escotilha 1201 Sconce (Outdoor)
Escotilha 1206 Post Lamp
Escotilha 1207 Post Lamp (Outdoor)
Caravela 1403 Pendant (Outdoor)
Caravela 1400 Sconce (Outdoor)
Caravela 1406 Post Lamp (Outdoor)
Caravela 1407 Post Lamp (Outdoor)
Quoizel Beacon Outdoor Sconce
Quoizel Beacon Outdoor Pendant
Quoizel Beacon Post Lamp
Quoizel Stonington Outdoor Sconce
Quoizel Stonington Outdoor Pendant
Quoizel Stonington Post Lamp
Hillcrest Outdoor Ceiling Fixture
Hillcrest Outdoor Pendant
Hillcrest Outdoor Small Hanging Sconce
Hillcrest Outdoor Medium Hanging Sconce
Hillcrest Outdoor Large Hanging Sconce
Hillcrest Outdoor Post Mount
Zephyr Outdoor Small Wall Lantern
Zephyr Outdoor Medium Wall Lantern
Marine Outdoor Lantern - 12 Inch
Marine Outdoor Lantern - 15 Inch
Marine Outdoor Lantern - 18 Inch
Marine Outdoor Standing Lantern
Marine Outdoor Hanging Lantern