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We have the finest section of indoor and outdoor rustic dining tables available anywhere. For over 24 years, LodgeCraft has been building our own line of handcrafted furniture, and we have furnished homes as well as commercial sites all over the USA and Canada. Choose from a full line of materials and finishes, including pine, alder, hickory, reclaimed wood, exotic hardwoods, and more in a huge variety of sizes and dimensions. Indoors or out, trestle, pedestal base and four legs, round, oval, and rectangle, we have the perfect rustic dining table for your home right here at LodgeCraft. We even source locally! Many items in our Flathead Valley store are handmade of timbers from around the area. To learn more about our indoor and outdoor rustic dining table selection, come visit our showroom in Somers, Montana or give us a call. We look forward to helping you find the perfect table!
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Loneman Mountain Barnwood Trestle Dining Table
Loneman Mountain Barnwood Round Pedestal Table
Baring Creek Rough Sawn Trestle Table
Classic Home Caleb Dining Table
Classic Home Caleb Round Dining
Classic Home Maxwell Oval Dining Table
Classic Home Messina Square Dining Table
Caleb Dining Table
Alder and Tweed Aspen Gathering Table
Alder and Tweed Bryant 84-inch Dining Table
Alder and Tweed Layton Dining Table
Alder and Tweed Maxwell Dining Table
Alder and Tweed Mendocino Round Table
Alder and Tweed Sloan Dining Table
Alder and Tweed Sonoma Dining Table
Jackson Dining Table
Menlo Park Dining Table
Bryant Dining Table
Napa Rectangular Dining Table
Napa Rectangular Dining Table
Summerton Round Dining Table
6 Foot, 4 Legged Dining Table
Weathered Pine 72" Dining Table
Homestead Trestle Table
Antique Multicolor 64" Dining Table
Antique Multicolor Counter Height 42-Inch Dining Table
Antique Multicolor Counter Height 52-Inch Dining Table
Antique 3569 Dining Table
Antique Multicolor 79" Dining Table with Iron Base
Antique Multicolor Round Dining Table
Parota Dining Table
Jenifer Table
Old Pine Balustrade Table
Old Elm Farm Table
Old Pine Farm Table
Vintage Foyer Table
Farm Table with Drawers
Ridge Road Dining Table
Cedar Round Dining Table
Cedar Oval Dining Table
Cedar Rectangle Dining Table
Santa Fe Game Table
Dog Creek Dining Table
Old Hickory Old Timber Pedestal Table
Old Timber Trestle Table
Buckaroo Activity Table (Child Size)
John Muir Dining Table
42"x 84" Old Faithful Dining Table/Oval
42" x 66" Old Faithful Dining Table
42" Old Faithful Dining Table
48" Old Faithful Dining Room Table
Hoop Game Table
36" Hoop Dining Table
42" Hoop Dining Table
48" Hoop Dining Table
36" Hoop Bistro Table
42" Hoop Bistro Table
Extension Table w/Bark Trim Apron
Old Hickory 36" Pedestal Table
42" Pedestal Table
48" Pedestal Table
54" Pedestal Table
60" Pedestal Table
48" Drop Leaf Pedestal Table
54" Drop Leaf Pedestal Table
60" Drop Leaf Pedestal Table
American Rustic Dining Table
American Rustic 96" Dining Table
OH Woodland Trestle Table-84
OH Woodland Trestle Table-96
OH Woodland Trestle Table-108
OH Woodland Trestle Table-120
OH Catskill Valley Table-36
Old Hickory Catskill Valley Table-42
Old Hickory Catskill Valley Table-48
Old Hickory Catskill Valley Table-54
Old Hickory Catskill Valley Table-60
American Rustic Dining Table
OHTimberline Trestle Table-74
OH Timberline Trestle Table-96
OH Timberline Trestle Table-118
OH Timberline Extension Table
Old Hickory Gathering Table-36
Old Hickory Gathering Table-42
Old Hickory Gathering Table-48
Old Faithful Game Table
Veranda Dinette Table
Smoky Mountain Long Dining Table
Sun Valley Outdoor Large Dining Table
Kona Dining Table
Kona Gathering Table
Kona Trestle Dining Table
Oak Park Dining Table
Oak Park Gathering Table
Intercon Taos Trestle Table
Intercon Taos Gathering Table
Riverwoods Table
Black Mountain Trestle Table
Fireside Lodge Frontier Pedestal Table
Fireside Lodge Frontier Cathedral Dining Table
Farmhouse Barnwood Dining Table
Harvest Barnwood Dining Table
Barnwood Octagon Dining Table
Barnwood Octagon Pub Table
Barnwood Square Pub Table
Barnwood Homestead Five-Foot Dining Table
Barnwood Homestead Six-Foot Dining Table
Barnwood Homestead Seven-Foot Dining Table
Barnwood Homestead Eight-Foot Dining Table
Deep Creek Dining Table
48" Round Wood Table/Pedestal Base
Pine Bistro Table
Pine Game Table
Extension Table with Leaves
Oval Dining Table with Log Legs
Rectangle Dining Table with Log Legs
Frontier Gathering Table
Hawk Creek Trestle Dining Table
Summit Peak Dining Set
Park Hill Old Traditions Dining Table
Park Hill Scaffold Table
Park Hill Oblong Trestle Table
Intercon Arlington Dining Table
Intercon District Dining Table
Intercon Glennwood Drop-Leaf Dining Table
Intercon Glennwood Gathering Table
Intercon Glennwood Dining Table
Intercon Kingston Dining Table
Intercon Kingston Gathering Table
Intercon Kona Trestle Gathering Table
Intercon Kona Drop-Leaf Table
Intercon Modern Rustic Rectangular Dining Table
Intercon River Dining Table
Intercon Santa Clara Dining Table
Intercon Santa Clara Gathering Table
Intercon Siena Dining Table
Intercon Urban Rustic Trestle Dining Table
Intercon Urban Rustic Round Dining Table