5 Furniture Pieces You Should Add to Your Home If You Love the Rustic Barn Look

rustic barn style furniture

Have you always wanted your home to look like the rustic dream homes you see on so many home improvement shows? If you love that charming, pastoral vibe, here is some rustic barn style furniture you need.

  • Barnwood Kitchen Island: As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is one of the first places you should add barn style elements, and your kitchen island is a great way to do it. You can clad the sides with reclaimed barnwood to give it the right appeal.

  • Reclaimed Barnwood Sliding Door: Sliding doors themselves can be incredibly appealing because they let in a lot of natural light, and they allow you to see outside without an obstructed view. Add some reclaimed barnwood to the door and you've got yourself a more rustic aesthetic.

  • Reclaimed Barnwood Hutch: A reclaimed barnwood hutch can be a great focal point in your living room or dining room. You can store your China set, champagne glasses from your wedding, and even your wine bottles.

  • Barnwood Nightstand: You can't forget about the bedroom. Add some rustic charm to your bedside, where you keep your alarm clock, water glass, and favorite bedtime book.

  • Reclaimed Barnwood Entertainment Center: Your entertainment center is likely the centerpiece of your family room. A reclaimed barnwood piece simply adds to the rustic charm, and it's a great way to hide your cords, DVD player, and gaming systems so nothing looks cluttered.

The furniture industry has grown at a consistent 6% to 7% rate every year, which is twice as high as the growth rate of the overall economy. The furniture you place in your home makes a huge impact on the design and aesthetic of your entire house. If you want a rustic barn feel, try these rustic barn style furniture pieces listed above. Check out our inventory and start stocking your home with pieces that will give you the barn feel you've always dreamed of.