Are you looking for a unique way to brighten up a room? We carry a broad selection of lodge chandeliers and some art glass chandeliers too that are perfect for your lodge or cabin style home. Choose from American-made metal (steel, iron, and copper) chandeliers from Steel Partners, Colorado Rustic Lighting, Mica Lamp Company, and more. Our antler chandeliers are entirely American made and feature creative designs with shed antlers from deer, elk, and moose. If your taste leans toward log, we have hickory chandeliers from old hickory to meet your needs. Our American manufacturers produce exceptionally well-crafted log cabin chandeliers.

LodgeCraft also carries art glass "Tiffany" chandeliers and some rustic chandeliers that are handmade, in factories overseas. We have selected only the finest import chandeliers to ensure the quality and value that you expect from LodgeCraft.

Whether you are looking for a fancy chandelier that will fit nicely in your cabin or rustic home, or an art glass chandelier for your commercial restaurant, you are sure to find that perfect chandelier you have been looking for at LodgeCraft. Can't find quite what you are looking for? Contact us for more options, as we have many rustic lodge chandelier vendors that we do not display online. Just give one of our friendly furniture experts a call and we will be more than happy to accommodate your requests. Thanks for choosing LodgeCraft as your primary source for log cabin chandeliers!
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Elk Six Antler Chandelier - Oversized
Elk Six Antler Chandelier with 3 Downlights
Elk Nine Antler Chandelier - Oversized
Elk Twelve Antler Chandelier
Elk Eighteen Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Six Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Nine Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Ten Antler Chandelier with Down Lights
Whitetail Twelve Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Twenty Four Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Thirty Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Forty-Two Antler Chandelier
Moose Four Antler Chandelier
Moose Six Antler Chandelier w/ Downlight - Oversized
Mule Deer 16-Antler Chandelier
Mule Deer 20-Antler Chandelier
Wagon Wheel Chandelier
Wagon Wheel Downlight Chandelier
Sutter's Mill 49er Wagon Wheel Chandeliers
Sutter's Mill Pioneer Wagon Wheel Chandeliers
Caribou 8-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Large
Elk 8-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Large
Elk 8-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Medium
Moose 8-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Large
Moose 7-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Medium
Mule Deer 6-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Medium
Mule Deer Ranch Style 6-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Mule Deer 3-Tiered 16-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Whitetail 4-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Whitetail 6-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Whitetail 2-Tiered 10-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Chain Uplight Chandelier - 20"
Tube Uplight Chandelier - 20"
Mission Chandelier - 20"
Large Mission Chandelier - 24"
Modern Chandelier - 24"
Mesa Chandelier - 24"
Prairie Chandelier - 24"
Grand Modern Chandelier - 34" - Oversized
Grand Mesa Chandelier - 34" - Oversized
Grand Prairie Chandelier - 34" - Oversized
Grand Mission Chandelier - 34" - Oversized
Lantern Chandelier
Lantera Single Tier Chandelier - 14"
Los Feliz Cottage 4-Lantern Chandelier
Los Feliz 4-Torch Chandelier - Oversized
Los Feliz Griffith 3-Lantern Chandelier
Los Feliz Rancho Chandelier - 16"
Los Feliz Grande Rancho Chandelier - 30" - Oversized
Los Feliz 6-Candle Hoop Chandelier - Small
Los Feliz 6-Candle Hoop Chandelier
Los Feliz 9-Candle Hoop Chandelier
Los Feliz 6-Candle Votive Chandelier
Duomo Chandelier
Pasadena Vallejo Chandelier
Portland Open Mesh Chandelier
Portland Open Mesh Chandelier - XL (5 Light)
Bear Chandelier
Bear Double Anacosti Light
Bear Teepee Chandelier - Oversized
Bundle of Sticks Chandelier
Candle Chandelier - One Tier
Candle Chandelier - Two Tier
Crossman Chandelier
Decatur Chandelier
Elk Triple Anacosti Light
Hillcrest Chandelier
LaPaz Chandelier
Mission Lake Chandelier - Small
Old Faithful Chandelier
Pasadena Chandelier
Pinecone Chandelier
Pinecone Double Game Light
Ponderosa Pine Chandelier - Oversized
Ponderosa Pine Nine Light Chandelier
Portland Chandelier
Prairie Chandelier
San Marcos Chandelier - Small
Saranac Chandelier
Austin Chandelier
Mission Chandelier (Large)
Steel Creek Rivets Chandelier
Timber Ridge Chandelier
Topridge Chandelier - Oversized
Topridge Triple Anacosti Light
Trulli Double Anacosti Light
Decatur Anacosti Lights - Double
Decatur Anacosti Lights - Triple
Bear Timber Sconce
Rocky Mountain 4 Light Chandelier
Rocky Mountain 6-Light Chandelier
Rocky Mountain 12 Light Chandelier
Bungalow Hanging Light
Kami Triple Domed Chandelier
Jadestone Willow Three Light Chandelier
Grape 3 Light Chandelier
Honey Locust 3-Lt Chandelier
Daffodil Bell 3-Lt Chandelier
Navajo Mission Four Light Chandelier
Asheville Chandelier
Voyager Chandelier, 12 - Candle
Voyager Chandelier, 3-Tiered
Asheville Island Light