Furnishing Your Home in Northwest Montana

Furnishing Your Home in Northwest Montana
A Northwest Montana home often features lodge furniture, ranch lighting and rustic accessories. Its decor is best when inspired by its surroundings like its beautiful mountain ranges, glistening lakes and amazing wildlife. Along with being stylish, home should always be relaxing and comfortable. It should provide you with a private oasis that lets you escape from the cares of everyday life.

If you are remodeling or building your dream lodge, you can incorporate dark wood floors, wood beam ceilings and an earth tone color palette in your design to give you that Northwestern appeal. But you don't have to do a complete remodel to get that country Western flair. Simply add a few rustic accessories or reclaimed wood furniture pieces to your home to give you the look and feel of a mountain lodge, ranch house or farmhouse.


Rustic lighting can open up a space and make it appear much larger. Dress up your home with lots of decorative and stylish lighting. If you want a more sophisticated look, add a touch of farm-chic and romance to your dining room with a wagon wheel or rustic chandelier. You can even enhance your powder room and bring a little of the outdoors in with our wildlife bathroom vanities such as our nature bear or moose lights. When it comes to Kalispell lighting stores, Lodgecraft has it all!


To get the ultimate in mountain lodge or farmhouse design, look for items crafted from reclaimed, barn or log wood. Lodgecraft specializes in rustic furniture and pieces made of Montana wood. If you want a lodge or cabin look, choose log furniture such as a log bed or entryway table. You can also complement a more classic decor with elegant but rustic dining room chairs, couches or ottomans covered in leather or your choice of luxurious fabric.


In Northwest Montana, you'll need to have accessories that will keep you warm and cozy on cool nights. Consider adding a cowhide to your floor, bed or walls. You can also cover your bed in a patch old-fashioned quilt to provide you with comfort and a reminder of days gone by. Many Northwest Montana homes are also eclectic, so you don't have to stick with traditional wood furniture or tribal pattern pillows. Instead do the unexpected! Add a pop of Western ambience to your living room with a fireside lodge mirror or set your dinner table with copper handle flatware.

Outdoor Space

Lastly, don't forget to show off your personal taste in your outdoor space. With our patio furniture sets, you can expand your living area and design the perfect gathering spot for friends and neighbors. Want a more intimate and private area? Place an Adirondack or outdoor rocking chair in your garden to create a quiet place for reading or meditation. Lodgecraft's furniture designs are exquisitely made for longevity and beauty in and around your home. We carry items for home, office and commercial businesses.
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