Elk and Deer Decor

Elk and Deer Decor
Though common throughout North America, the Whitetail and Mule deer are always a treasured sight. We carry a vast array of lighting with deer profiles, etchings, and naturally shed or cast antlers. Each of our quilt manufacturers have at least one deer themed quilt to brag about. Though we don't show our Donna Sharp Quilts on line they have the Whitetail Buck set that would carry the outdoors into your lodge, cabin, or wilderness themed room. C& F has Wilderness Lodge, and Patch Quilts. If you like a wool blend you might try Wooded River's washable Deer Meadow Bed Set. You might want to add a nature theme stained glass window to your new construction by placing Meyda's Deer in the River Art Glass in a strategic spot. Put deer into various rooms of your home to create a fun atmosphere if we could only keep them off our county roads! Looking for the majstic Bull Elk? We have a vast selection of Elk antler lighting and Elk themed decor too.
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Denali Black Forest Friends Throw
Denali Deer Haven Throw
Whitetail Two Antler Table Lamp
Whitetail Three Antler Table Lamp
Deer Scene Table Lamp
Double Pine Tree Deer Table Lamp
Double Pine Tree w/ Elk Table Lamp
Elk Shasta Table Lamp
Deer Vegas Sconce
Wapiti Vegas Sconce
Whitetail Double Antler Wall Sconce
Whitetail Single Antler Wall Sconce
Timber Ridge Elk Hanging Sconce
Elk Timber Sconce
Pasadena Elk Hanging Sconce
Bavarian Elk Sconce
Pasadena Elk Wet Sconce - Wet
Rainier Elk Sconce
Timber Ridge Wapiti Sconce
Wapiti Swag
Wapiti Triple Prairie Vanity
Timber Ridge Deer Pendant - Small
Timber Ridge Elk Pendant - Small
Bavarian Elk Pendant
Elk Triple Anacosti Light
Pasadena Elk Pendant
Elk Drop Ceiling Mount
Round Drop Ceiling Mount - Elk
Whitetail Forty-Two Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Nine Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Six Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Ten Antler Chandelier with Down Lights
Whitetail Thirty Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Twelve Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Twenty Four Antler Chandelier
Whitetail 2-Tiered 10-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Whitetail 4-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Whitetail 6-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Mule Deer 3-Tiered 16-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Mule Deer 6-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Medium
Mule Deer Ranch Style 6-Lamp Antler Chandelier
Caribou 8-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Large
Elk Twelve Antler Chandelier
Elk Six Antler Chandelier - Oversized
Elk Six Antler Chandelier with 3 Downlights
Elk 8-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Large
Elk 8-Lamp Antler Chandelier - Medium
Elk Nine Antler Chandelier - Oversized
Elk Eighteen Antler Chandelier
Deer Antler End Table Base
Elk Antler & Oak Bar Stool
Deer in River Art Glass Window