Refinishing Your Basement? Don't Forget These 5 Rustic Pieces

Refinishing Your Basement? Don't Forget These 5 Rustic Pieces

refinishing your basement is a hefty task, and so can deciding how to decorate it. if you're going for the rustic look in your new finished basement, don't forget to include these essential pieces of furniture and home decor.

rustic bar stools

you've seen all those cool wet bars in people's basements on tv, and now you can have your own. you and your friends will have a blast drinking in your new basement. you'll need to get some rustic bar stools to accompany your bar, and they will provide the ultimate rustic touch in your new hangout space.

reclaimed barnwood doors

here's another thing you've probably seen on tv and loved: reclaimed wood barn doors. they look so beautiful, and you can place them in front of any door opening. you can close off a space that you want to be separated from the main living area, cover your bathroom opening, or hide away your laundry area.

reclaimed wood feature wall

wood is truly a staple of all things rustic, and wouldn't it be cool to have an entire wall dedicated to it? you can pick from a variety of stains and grains, and then install them on your new accent wall. you can mount your tv to that wall, set up a fireplace, or add anything else that will truly make it the feature of the room.

rustic bookshelf

when you refinish your basement, you're probably going to need some storage. a bookshelf is a perfect place to store your knick-knacks, favorite movies for your new theater, extra blankets, and anything else you might need. instead of an eyesore of clutter or even a basic cabinet, get a rustic bookshelf to tie into your new theme.

antler coffee table

coffee tables are a must if you're going to be hanging out, watching tv, and mingling in your new basement. you and your guests are going to want somewhere to set down your snacks and drinks. an antler coffee table can be the icing on the cake to your new rustic design, and a great conversation piece too.

in terms of the different generations, baby boomers are the generation most likely to spend on home decoration, with an average annual budget of $3,000. generation x comes next with a $2,500 budget, followed by millennials with a modest $1,500 budget. no matter what generation you belong to, you can redecorate your new finished basement with rustic pieces on a budget. just check out our inventory and start shopping!