Patch Quilts

Patch Quilts
Patch Quilts has many beautiful quilt sets. They are made in India, but distributed from their warehouse in Texas. Each bed set in a King or Queen size includes the quilt, dust ruffle, two shams, two euroshams, & two toss pillows. When ordering a twin set, you receive the quilt, dust ruffle, & one of each of the pillows.

The Bear Country Quilt Set has that genuine rustic motif that is a perfect match for our website. It shows Black Bear as you would see them in Montana forests where our showroom is nestled. I also like the paw prints at the end of each quilt. The Bear Paw Quilt Set is a nice alternative if you need an extra splash of color in your bedroom.

For the lover of wild wolves, you might want to check out the Call of the Wild Quilt Set, complete with a wildlife motif showing a wolf's natural surroundings. Another option for the nature lover in all of us would be the Mallard Bed Set. It reminds me of the many late summer evenings by the lake watching the ducks resting on the water.

With another wildlife motif, the Moose Quilt Set is always a hit as well. The moose is the center with patchwork leaves to border your mattress, sure to be a great accent piece to any bedroom whether its in your own home or your little cabin, your home away from home.

And, to save the best for last, I love the Pinecone Quilt Set. With an assortment of tan, light brown, and dark brown shades, & a splash of gray & green, it could be the centerpoint of the room. Of course, I am a Montana girl who loves to be surrounded by pine trees. I think I might have just found my next bedding purchase.

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