Mica Los Feliz Griffith Wall Pendant - Customer Review

Mica Los Feliz Griffith Wall Pendant - Customer Review
Thank you. I received the light and it is perfect. I would like two more of the same. Do I need to do this online or do you have all of my information?

Judith, WA, August 2011

This customer ordered the Los Feliz Griffith Wall Pendant from the Mica Lamp Company. The Los Feliz Collection may be more popularly known as Tudor or Spanish Revival type of lighting.

The Mica Lamp Company has several unique collections: The Vintage Black Iron (Los Feliz), Storybook, Coppersmith, & Iron Abbey, just to name a few.

Looking at each collection, you can choose from three different shade options, orange mica, almond mica, or frosted glass. These lights are not necessarily meant to be the main light in a room, but more of an accent light to give a warm glow.

The Storybook Collection is straight from a castle movie scene. I'm thinking of Gargamel's castle from the recently redone Smurfs movie. I remember waking up on Saturday morning to watch the 90 minute marathon of Smurfs. The Jester 4 Lantern Chandelier, available in 2 sizes, would be a perfect fit for Gargamel's main entrance.

The Coppersmith collection is Mica Lamp Company's standard line, perfect fit for any home. Maybe you need that perfect accent on your desk in your home study. Look no further than the Library Desk Lamp.

The Iron Abbey Collection has some very dramatic pieces. Take a look at the Iron Abbey Double Chandelier, an exquisite piece made for that big foyer or entryway reminds me of a tour I went on in Dover, England after I graduated from high school. If you are looking for that perfect accent light, for that long hallway, look no further than the Modern Wall Torch, available in two sizes to fit your need.

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