Coppersmith Lighting

Coppersmith Lighting
Turn-of-the-century American Lighting design and craftsmanship is available today from the Mica Lamp Company. We follow the same formula as the original craftsman. All our parts are made of solid copper, assembled with hand driven copper rivets and finished with a rich natural patina. The bottom plate of each lamp is then die struck with the Mica Lamp shop mark.

Our Mica shade panels are the same natural materials used by the Arts & Crafts master lamp makers. Mineral mica flakes, combined with organic shellac, make each mica shade unique with its variations of mineral deposit patterns and color tones.
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Milk Can Table Lamp
Jar Table Lamp
Traditional Large Table Lamp
Mushroom Table Lamp
Medium Trumpet Table Lamp
Medium Onion Table Lamp
Beanpot Table Lamp
Small Trumpet Table Lamp
Buffet Table Lamp
Large Onion Table Lamp
Large Trumpet Table Lamp
Library Desk Lamp
Pasadena Table Lamp
Small Bungalow Table Lamp with Standard Mica Shade
Bungalow Floor Lamp
Mission Floor Lamp
Torchiere Floor Lamp
Chain Uplight Chandelier - 20"
Hook Uplight Chandelier - 20"
Tube Uplight Chandelier - 20"
Medium Mission Downlight Pendant - 20"
Small Mission Downlight Pendant - 17"
Mission Chandelier - 20"
Large Mission Pendant - 20"
Large Mission Chandelier - 24"
Modern Chandelier - 24"
Mesa Chandelier - 24"
Prairie Chandelier - 24"
Ceiling Shade - 17"
Ceiling Shade - 14"
Pasadena Ceiling Shade
Grand Modern Chandelier - 34" - Oversized
Super Grand Modern Chandelier - 48" - Oversized
Grand Mesa Chandelier - 34" - Oversized
Super Grand Mesa Chandelier - 48" - Oversized
Grand Prairie Chandelier - 34" - Oversized
Super Grand Prairie Chandelier - 48" - Oversized
Grand Mission Chandelier - 34" - Oversized
Super Grand Mission Chandelier - 48" - Oversized
Pasadena Pendant -14"
Pasadena Wall Sconce
Carmel Wall Sconce
Large Wall Sconce - 17"
Small Wall Sconce - 14"
Single Wall Lamp
Double Wall Lamp
Open Top Lantern - 11.5"
Lantern Wall Pendant - 5"
Flush Mount Wall Lantern - 5"
Lantern Chandelier
Hoop Chandelier
Medallion Chandelier
Large Billiard Light
3-Shade Billiard Light - Oversized
Grand Billiard Light - Oversized
Mission Billiard Light - 38L x 52w
Lantera Ceiling Mount - 14"
Lantera Single Tier Chandelier - 14"
Lantera Single Tier Chandelier - 27"
Lantera Double Grand Chandelier - 27"
Lantera Wall Sconce