Storybook Lighting

Storybook Lighting
Once upon a time circa 1920, a Hollywood studio artist built a cottage with cozy corners, quirky angles, sway back roof cape, half timbering and rough cast stucco with inlaid stone and clinker bricks. Throughout the U.S., others picked up this theatrical fancy with nursery-rhyme themes. Storybook style is the outgrowth of European period revival styles: Spanish Colonial, Old English Cotswold Cottage, Rural French, Norman Village.

Storybook houses have added elements of exaggeration, humor, and pure whimsy. Turn on a Storybook Lantern and imagine skipping with Hansel & Gretel in a medieval castle.

Steel & Iron construction with our the Mica Lamp Company exclusive and durable Storybook Rust baked-on powder coat finish. Choose authentic Orange amber or Almond natural color mica mineral lens.
Elf Column Mount
Price: $685.00
Elf Lantern
Price: $505.00
Elf Pendant
Price: $505.00
Elf Post Mount
Price: $615.00
Elf Wall Pendant
Price: $505.00
Fantasy Chandelier
Price: $1,519.00
Fantasy Lantern
Price: $505.00
Fantasy Torch
Price: $785.00
Jester Lantern
Price: $505.00
Jester Pendant
Price: $505.00
Jester Post Mount
Price: $609.00
Jester Wall Pendant
Price: $505.00
Knight Lantern
Price: $539.00