Brands of Furniture -

Brands of Furniture -
Besides the 3 Lines of Furniture (Frontier Log, Back to Nature, & Montana Renaissance) we make ourselves in our production shop in Somers, MT, we carry many lines that can be drop shipped across the United States & even in to Canada.

Old Hickory Furniture has been building great rustic furniture for over a century, and the quality shows in each piece they create.

Have you been searching for beautiful furniture made from reclaimed barnwood? We have 3 distinct lines of Barnwood, all made in the USA. Fireside Lodge is made from old 1800s style barn material, giving that historic appeal to each piece, possibly from a barn in Little House on the Prairie era. I enjoy watching an episode with my girls still today. Colorado Cabin Furniture speaks for itself, with their beautiful barnwood & aspen furniture collections. And last but not necessarily least, Montana Lodge has a great selection as well.

We also carry two lines of Mission Furniture. Bentwood is made in Oregon, where Arts & Crafts is distributed from California, but made overseas. Both collections are beautiful in their own way.

We have a few other imported lines that are also beautiful, but sometimes so popular, there is a waiting list to order them. Shadow Mountain Furniture has some exquisite bedroom sets. Another forerunner when it comes to imported furniture, with various pieces for the bedroom, dining room, and living area, would be Eastern Rustic Furniture. You are sure to find a piece or two to fit your home.

At LodgeCraft Furniture, we only pick high quality craftsmenship to display on our various websites & in our Montana showrooms. You will enjoy the furniture you purchase from us for years to come. We have customers stop in our showroom or call us to tell us their furniture is still as beautiful as the day they purchased it from us.


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