Arts & Crafts Mission

Lodge Furniture, Rustic Lighting and Cabin Decor
Arts & Crafts Industries designs and builds superb furniture based on the uniquely American Arts & Crafts movement. Founded in the late 19th century, the Arts & Crafts movement stressed utilitarian stressing, elegant structure and handmade joinery to complement the architecture and interior design of Craftsman houses of the early 1900s. Arts & Crafts furniture making, as a movement, is based on dedication to quality and integrity.

Inspired by the French Art Nouveau the Arts and Crafts movement began around 1880 and rose to a popular height in America from 1900-1919. Founding members, such as Gustav Stickley, William Morris, and the Greene and Greene brothers, rejected the ornamentation and grandeur of Victorian decor. They contended that the other contemporary styles disguised structure and accepted cheap reproductions rather than authentic constructions. The Arts and Crafts movement is said to have even inspired and influenced the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Arts & Crafts Industries recreates the best traditions of the Arts & Crafts movement with our Mission collection.

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