Organizing Rustic Style

Organizing Rustic Style
As the New Year draws closer, you may be considering what your goals for the next 12 months are. If looking around your home makes you feel a little crazy, it's possible you need to spend a little time organizing your living space. Lucky for you, organizing and rustic furniture pieces go hand in hand. Here are a few handy tips for keeping your rustic space organized this year:

Double duty:

One of the easiest ways to organize your space is to purchase furniture that can pull double duty. For example, a chest or box that can be used to hold blankets can also be used for extra sitting space if you have a lot of guests over. This Autumn Comfort Blanket Chest/Window Seat is a great example of a piece that is multipurpose. Furniture that can pull double duty helps you save space too!

Invest in baskets:

Even if you downsize, clutter will still appear. A great way to stay organized is to choose decorative baskets or other containers that make it easy to keep like items together, out in the open. You will have easy access to things you need, but all of the clutter will be hidden away. Take your rustic book case, like this Big Ranch Bookcase and add a few wicker baskets to each shelf, now you have an attractive, functional storage space that is easily accessible.

Create functional spaces:

One reason that homes become disorganized is because most people haven't created functional spaces for tasks. For example: Setting a bench with under-seat shelves near the front door with a few hooks is a simple way to maintain shoe and coat clutter. Another simple idea is to add an end table with a basket in your entryway for your keys and wallets. You'll spend less time in the morning hunting down your keys. If you have a lot of paper, create a space for incoming and outgoing mail. Use a basket or folder to toss papers in and go through it at least once a week.
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