More from Old Hickory

More from Old Hickory
Old Hickory has so many beautiful pieces of furniture that I don't believe I will ever be able to talk about all of them, but today I want to talk about some of their pieces that can be upholstered.

All of Old Hickory's upholstered pieces have many different fabric & leather choices. They also have weave options as well as two different bark textures, that each have different finish options.

The Hoop Collection included tables & many chair options as well. The Two Hoop Chair, also available in a Medium Size, is a classic choice. This collection also includes rockers, even in a child size called the Buckaroo Rocker. The Two Hoop Swivel Barstool is also a perfect fit with their Two Hoop Bistro Table that is available in a number of sizes, perfect for entertaining guests.

The Woodland collection has that rustic appeal for a lodge setting, or a cabin in the woods. A piece that stands out in this collection would be the Woodland Sofa, with its birch bark accents & wooden paddle arms. The matching chair is meant for a king with the seat being an ample 34" wide.

Also, a piece that can stand alone & shows a great example for a picture speaking 1,000 words is the Old Hickory version of the Windsor Chair. The hickory saplings give it that extra rustic look great for any home.

The have 3 distinctly different bench options that really speak for themselves as well. The #357 Bench would be a great seating addition to any room, maybe a dressing bench for the bedroom or a great place to take off shoes in an entryway. However, the Bedside Bench has its own unique look with the extended arms on each side. And finally, with its Wagon Wheel style back & hoop base, the Sunrise Bench has the most rustic appeal of all.

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