Milk Can Table Lamp Review - Mica Lamps

Milk Can Table Lamp Review - Mica Lamps
Hi Patty, The lamp has arrived safe and sound. It is beautiful. Thanks!

J.B., Washington, June 2012

This customer purchased a Milk Can Table Lamp in the Coppersmith Collection from the Mica Lamp Company. And maybe after Little Boy Blue blew his horn, he would have liked to read from the light of a Medium Trumpet Table Lamp. Also, there are many other table lamps & floor lamps to choose from. I always have to add in my favorites. The Bungalow Floor Lamp is a piece of art, with its straight lines & exquisite wood base.

Besides their standing lamps, you can also take a look at their chandeliers & wall sconces. The Large Mission Chandelier is a great piece ready to be hung in your foyer or dining area, and can be ordered in several other sizes. Or, for a little more of a dramatic effect, perfect for a huge entrance way, take a look at the Lantera Double Grand Chandelier. And, to carry that theme throughout the house, you might want the matching Lantera Wall Sconces and Lantera Ceiling Mount for that warm glow in any room.

Or, moving to a more simple style, the Lantern collection is very subdued, but still makes its own statement. The Lantern Chandelier has a standard size for the main dome, but added extra glow with the 3 smaller lanterns hanging right beside. The Open Top Lantern is also among my favorites from Mica that is a beautiful match to the chandelier, and the Single Wall Lamp.

Mica Lamp Company has been making beautiful lamps for years from solid copper. When you purchase one of their lamps, you are purchasing a hand made piece of American craftsmanship.

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