How to Create a Non-traditional Rustic Bedroom

How to Create a Non-traditional Rustic Bedroom
If you love the homey feel of a farmhouse or a log cabin, but you don't want to overwhelm your sleeping space with antlers and bears, you can still get the look you want without delving into the super-traditional rustic look. There are many ways to modernize the rustic bedroom. Your room will still feel cozy and comfortable and provide the charm of a weekend getaway in the woods. Here are a few simple ways you can add a little rustic charm to your room:

Think outside the box: A fun way to add rustic appeal to your room is to use wood in a new way. While wood furniture is certainly a must for most rustic themed rooms, you can change the way you think about it. For example, instead of an all wood bed, use a simple bed frame and then hang planks of wood, natural or painted vertically across the wall to fit the width of your bedframe. Hanging naturally stained pieces randomly will provide and even more rustic feel.

Focus on a region: The rustic look is going to be different for every area. For example, a southwestern-rustic look may feature more oranges, reds and browns, while a northeastern rustic look may feature more blues and gray colorings. Do some research about different rustic styles and choose one that best fits your taste. You may find that some rustic designs are not nearly as intense as you'd imagine.

Choose simple pieces: You can do a lot with a few simple pieces of furniture. When you are focusing on the bedroom, your bed should be the center of attention. Choose a bed like the Mountain Log Bed. The design is simple and rustic. The coloring is flexible enough to look good with light or dark bedding and room colors. With a simple piece that is straightforward, you can add elements into the rest of your room with more color or personality. A simple rustic piece is much more flexible and reusable in the even that you change your mind about your décor.

Think modern: To simplify the rustic look, focus on the darker colored woods or copper. These are easy to modernize. With a pop of bright colors like orange and red, your rustic bedroom will have a rustic-modern feel. A good piece that would highlight a modern look is this Valencia End Table. This gorgeous end table is both modern and rustic. The dark wood with a pop of copper will work in nearly any bedroom. Accent this piece with an orange or red area rug to bring out the copper.

The best part of designing your own living space is that you get to make it your own. If you love rustic and you love modern, you can create a non-traditional rustic space by combining elements of both design types. A simple solution is to opt simple rustic furniture pieces and add modern touches with colors and accent pieces (like curtains, lighting and bedding.) The clean lines of a modern design work very well with the darker colors and decorative elements of rustic.
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