Unique uses for Billiard Lighting

Unique uses for Billiard Lighting
Billiard lighting is a great way to add a rustic feel to any room. The lighting style is frequently used is bars and other low-key establishments. The style of the lighting creates drama and helps create a space that feels more welcoming and less stuffy. Billiard lighting typically involves a light fixture that's longer, instead or round or tall. Most of the billiard styles require two points of contact with the ceiling for stabilization. But, some like this Asheville Island Light, connect to a singular base that attaches to the ceiling. When you are planning out your new rustic design, you should consider adding billiard lighting for a unique twist. Here are a few fun ways you can use this style:

In your kitchen:

The kitchen is a natural space for this type of lighting because it's a perfect style to help draw attention to your rustic dining set. But, you can also use this type of lighting over your island for a fun twist. Add a few rustic bar stools and you'll have the perfect setting to socialize or snack.

In the bedroom:

The fun part about this style of lighting is that it's flexible. The longer shape is a great way to add unique lighting over a bed. Simply hang the fixture towards the head of the bed for ambient, reading lighting. You could also hang a style like the Genova Triple Island Light over your vanity or dresser for extra lighting when applying makeup or jewelry.

Entertainment room:

The billiard lighting is perfect for entertaining. You'll often see this style of lighting used over a pool table because the length ensures the entire table is lit evenly. Choose a fun rustic style to pair with your leather furniture, rustic tables and throw rugs for the perfect blend of rustic design that is comfortable and attractive. Billiard lighting is a great way to add a twist to your rustic decor. Add your own personality to your designs by trying to use regular design pieces in a new way.
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