Understanding Different Rustic Styles

Understanding Different Rustic Styles
If I say the word "rustic" what images come to mind? For me, rustic means dark woods, deep reds, browns and oranges, leather and a flickering fireplace. For others, rustic is all about the deer heads and bears. The rustic aesthetic is fun because it's multi-faceted. It can be casual or formal, the one thing it always is, is comfortable. If you don't think rustic is your cup of tea, here are a few different types of rustic that may change your mind:


The Lodge style is the type of rustic décor you'll often see at hotels. The dark wood, usually mahogany, rich colors and thick carpets take on an elegant touch. You may see antlers and other animal décor, but it tends to be slightly fancier than the traditional styles. Leather furniture, heavy pieces and rustic sconces work well with this style.


This type of rustic often feels more farm house. One definition of rustic is "relating to the countryside, rural." This aesthetic is perfect for cottages or homeowners who love the vibe of being at the farm with nothing but open space. Think lighter, more natural woods, more pastel colors and lighter furniture. The use of stone, particularly on floors or the fireplace also works well here.


With traditional rustic, you'll find slightly darker woods, but natural stains. These are the designs that often lend themselves towards animal (bear and fish in particular) patterns and designs. Darker colored fabrics and brick work well with this style. Think heavier furniture with a more log-cabin type feel. Transitional Lodge: This style usually appeals to people who lean towards contemporary styles. You'll still get the rustic feel with wood pieces like beds, tables and dressers, but with modern touches. One popular color pattern of this modern style is the dark brown with blue or even pinks, greens and purples. Though not traditional rustic colors, they pair well with the browns often seen on mahogany pieces and make for a fun twist on rustic designs.
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