Three ways to use Rustic Rugs in your decorating

Three ways to use Rustic Rugs in your decorating
Area rugs are highly underrated. They can make a space look bigger, smaller, brighter or darker. They can add personality, protect your floors or cover up stains. Area rugs are a must have for families with kids (if you don't want to have to pay for your carpets to be cleaned, time and time again) and they are a must if you want to add color and personality to a home without spending a lot. Area rugs are extremely versatile, particularly with rustic décor.

Here are three ways you can use a rustic area rug in your home decorating:

Use a rug to emphasize or highlight a color or theme: If you aren't quite sure you want to go in whole hog with the rustic decorating, you can still add a rustic feel to a home or a room by choosing the right area rug. Before you choose a rug, look around at the current pieces in the room you will use the rug. Look for color schemes you already use or one you'd like to focus on. And try to find a rug with similar shades. If your room is relatively neutral, you have a lot more freedom with which rug you choose. You can even make the rug a focal point by choosing a brighter, more elegant looking rug, like the Left Bank Rug.

Use an area rug to make a room feel cozier: If you are living in a larger home, making your sitting room or other areas feel cozy, can pose quite the challenge. A simple way to make a room feel cozier without making it feel cramped with large furniture, is to add an area rug. When done correctly, an area rug can tie elements of the room together making it look and feel like a comfortable space. Choose a darker, larger rug for bigger rooms. The dark colors can make the room feel a little smaller without actually taking away any room at all.

Darker area rugs need not be brown or black. Look for dark blues, greens, purples and even red tones. You may also consider warmer shades of orange, red and yellow to add coziness and brighten up the space. An area rug with similar colors as this Imagine T-Multi, adds warmth without being too dark.

Use an area rug to create separate spaces: Open concept floor plans are great for hosting friends and family, but sometimes it's nice to create more separation of space. This can be accomplished without building walls and detracting from the social benefit of open space. You can use rustic area rugs to create defined, separate space. There are several ways to use an area rug to create space. Use an area rug in the mud room to define space where shoes need to be deposited.

You could also use an area rug, set off by couches and chairs to set off a sitting area. In a particularly large room, this creates a defined sitting area and leaves the rest of the room for storage, walking space or other uses.

Using rustic area rugs to create space, add color and create an environment can help you personalize your home and showcase your personality.
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