The Time Honored Armoire

An armoire is a beautiful addition to any room. It makes a spectacular focal point that adds interest to the space, but even more so, it provides additional storage space. This comes in handy for those with limited closet or no closet space. We absolutely love the armoire, also known as a wardrobe, and filling you in on its history is our pleasure.

Humble Beginnings

The armoire actually began as a storage space for skilled artisans to store their tools. The word "armoire" is French and actually means "tools." How interesting is that? It was easy to see that these skilled artisans took pride in their work as the armoires they created to store their tools were indeed works of art that stood the test of time. Often times, the creators of these furnishings would include their signatures carved into the wood. It is also believed that armoires are descendants of the wooden chest, and may have also been used to store weaponry.

It's important to note that prior to the twentieth century, most homes did not have closets. Closets were a luxury that only the rich and powerful could afford. So, clothing and other items were kept in wardrobes that could be moved from room to room as needed. Even if a home had a closet, it was often filled with armoires to increase the amount of storage space in tiny spaces.

Right at the beginning of the twentieth century, Sears and Roebuck came out with what they called "Chiffonier," the first furnishing designed to hold both folded and hanging clothes. Although the armoire had been doing the same thing for many years before, there were some slight differences in the two.

An armoire had long drawers below a hanging area that opened with two doors.The Chiffonier had a combination of both features side by side. At any rate, both furnishings have had a huge impact on how people store their clothing throughout history. Today, the armoire is a time-honored piece often prized by all who own one. Many are antiques that pass through generations. We here at LodgeCraft are proud to bring you a complete line of armoires and wardrobes that you can begin passing along as a valued family heirloom.

The Rustic Alder Wardrobe

Featuring dovetail joints, and a clothes bar just behind the door, the Rustic Alder Wardrobe has plenty of space for storing hanging clothes. With drawers underneath, there's also more than enough room to store your folded clothes as well.

Hawk Creek Armoire

If you like knotty-looking woods, you'll love the Hawk Creek Armoire. This beautiful piece has simple lines for a beauty and elegance all its own. Cupboards and multiple drawers provide ample room to store both hanging and folded clothing.
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