Choosing a Quilt to Add Rustic Personality to your Guest Rooms

Choosing a Quilt to Add Rustic Personality to your Guest Rooms
One of the easiest ways to combine personality with function in a guest room is choosing the right bedding to help create a certain atmosphere. Because the bed in your guest room will likely be the focal point of the room, choosing a quilt that speaks to your design taste will go a long way to creating the perfect environment that will ensure the comfort of your guests. There are several different types of quilts you can choose from that will help you create the perfect space:

Victorian Heart Quilts:

These rustic, country style quilts are a great way to add a traditional rustic look. The simple designs and color palates are a great way to add a touch of rustic décor to your room without overwhelming the space. Simple accessories like pillows, lighting and mirrors will create a comfortable space.

C&F Quilts:

These oversized quilts are not only stylish, they are comfortable. Overstuffed to ensure comfort and warmth, they are perfect for the rustic room that invites your guests to kick back and get some well-deserved rest. These quilts offer are a great way to add bright colors to your room. Fun, modern designs also make it easy to soften the rustic touch. This Northern Plaid Quilt Set is has a fun, traditional square patch design with bright oranges and blues. Paid with a neutral paint and some dark wood touches for a luxurious design.

Patch Quilts:

Patch Quilts specialize in traditional, rustic quilts. These blankets are an excellent choice for traditional, rustic rooms. These quilts feature strong patterns, bright colors and traditional rustic themes like animals (deer, bear etc.) and Native American designs. The striking quilts are eye catching and would make a great piece to base the rest of your room design off of. Pair most of these quilts with simple rugs and other accessories to avoid too many patterns clashing. Quilts are an excellent example of a design element that is not only attractive but also functional. Choosing the right quilt will help you set the rest of the tone in your guest room.
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