Creating a Rustic Office Space

Creating a Rustic Office Space
You can take your rustic design taste to the office with you. When you are designing a home office, you need an environment that is comfortable, looks good and feels professional. This is particularly important if you ever plan to host important meetings or have clients visit your office. While rustic designs can certainly go to the extreme, using a lighter hand in the office can still give you the rustic look you want and still feel like a workable office space. Here are a few pieces to consider for your new office space:

Pick the right desk: Your desk is where you will spend most of your time working. It's typically the centerpiece of any office. This means that if you want a piece of furniture that says "rustic" your desk is a good place to begin. Your choice in desk will largely be influenced by the amount of space you have available. Simple desks like this Old Faithful Writing Desk look great, provide a rustic environment but also feel professional. When designing a rustic office, choose your desk first and focus the rest of your décor around that item.

You can pair a traditional office chair with an office desk, though you should opt for a shade of brown instead of black to match the desk. We also carry rustic styled office chairs.

Choose rustic touches: Mix rustic pieces, like area rugs and lamps with more modern, or at least simple, pieces. It's easy to overwhelm your office with a lot of rustic-wood pieces. You can create a little variety by opting for copper lamps, chairs or shelving instead of wood. The copper compliments the rustic feel without taking over the office. Choose one rustic centerpiece, such as your desk, and add small rustic touches throughout. The rustic tone should be a little more subtle in your office space.

Choose a color scheme: While rustic themes do lend themselves to dark browns, oranges and reds, you can mix up the palate by choosing a lighter wood and opting for light blues, greens and browns instead of saturated colors. You can even incorporate a white shade to brighten up an office space. A color scheme will help you reign in your rustic side. You can complement wood furniture with copper, leather or wicker décor.

Use your environment: If you are lucky enough to build your home office in a space with exposed beams and hardwood floors, you can easily incorporate the natural assets of the space into your design. The key here is to not over design. Minimal décor can actually be more effective when your surrounding space is already idea. Choose an area rug with complimentary colors to protect your floor from your desk and chairs, but leave enough floor exposed to make it an eye catching feature of the space.

Layout: One thing you may not consider when designing your rustic office space, is the layout. When possible, place your desk facing the largest window (or fireplace if you have one) in your office. Not only will this reduce the amount of glare on your computer screen, it will make your space feel open and provide a natural focal point.

You can have a professional workspace that feels rustic without screaming "hunting lodge". Choosing complimentary colors, fabrics and other décor to brighten up the space and maintain a professional, yet comfortable working room.
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