Types of Rustic Mirrors for your Home

Types of Rustic Mirrors for your Home
Even if you don't feeling like going whole hog on the rustic décor, simply adding a few rustic design elements can change the feel of your room. There are plenty of options for rustic accessories. One accessory that works well in any space is a rustic mirror. Mirrors are a great way to make a large room feel pulled together or to help a smaller space feel bigger and brighter.

There are several different types of rustic mirrors you can choose from including: Eastern Rustic: Think simple. These mirrors have slightly thinner frames, some curves and even more focus on stones and rocks than wood. If you are aiming for a beach or modern feel, these are probably a good fit.

Fireside Lodge Mirrors:

These have a more antique look to them In particular, the Adirondak Mirror is made from hand-peeled White Cedar logs. The coating almost makes the mirror look copper. These log styles are a little bolder but still subtle enough to blend into early any design.

Colorado Cabin Mirrors:

You'll love the simplicity of the designs that rely on the beauty of the wood to really sell. The mirror frames are classy but definitely rustic. Whether you like a darker stain or a more natural color, there are plenty of options here to fit your living room or bedroom areas.

Artisan Mirrors:

This brand of mirrors aims for an elegant look with small details that really make a big difference. The simple framing is usually offset by small details like subtle waves or curves that add an extra element to the design. These would look great in a rustic room or a modern apartment.

Old Hickory:

These mirrors speak rustic. The frames are crafted from woods like Hickory and Birchs. The designs classic and well done. This brand provides several different shapes and sizes as well as different finishes. Adding a rustic mirror in your living room, dining room or bedroom is a great way to create space and make your room feel more cozy.
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