Rustic Log Furniture: A Time-Honored Style

Rustic Log Furniture: A Time-Honored Style
Just like clothing styles and hairstyles, furniture styles come and go with the passage of time. Many go by way of the eight-track, never to be seen again, but one classic style has remained a time-honored favorite throughout the years. Furniture constructed of natural, rustic materials seems to have found its way into many different styles of décor throughout the years, and with good reason: each rustic log furniture piece is truly unique.

The fact is that each piece of log furniture is unique is attractive to buyers. Each log harvested and used to construct these pieces is a never-ending source of uniqueness. Add to the individuality of log furniture the fact that most of it is handmade to bring out the best qualities of each piece of wood, and it's easy to see why rustic log furniture continues to be a favorite choice for many.

Rustic Furniture Styles

Rustic furniture is available in many different styles. Most of these styles are dependent on where the logs used to make them come from. For instance, furniture made from aspen is available in the high Rockies. Southern regions of the Rockies often produce furniture made of more hardwoods. Southwest log furniture often features metallic embellishments on the wood, whereas log furniture produced elsewhere does not.

Log Furniture Finishes

The logs used in making log furniture are treated in a couple different ways depending on the desired look of the finished product. Sometimes the logs are peeled and sanded smooth with the joints typically mortise and tenon. Another type of finish, called skip peel, leaves bits of bark in the depressed areas of the log for a mottled appearance to the product.

Rustic Log Furniture Choices

Almost any type of furniture can be constructed of logs. Bed frames, outdoor furniture, dining tables and chairs and coffee tables are some of the most commonly made log furniture pieces. While these rustic log furniture choices definitely look great in a log cabin setting, don't underestimate their beauty in a more contemporary décor as well.

Whether you simply wish to furnish one room or your entire house with rustic log furniture, you can be sure you're getting stunning beauty and durability. If you've decided this type of furniture is what your home needs, visit to browse our wide selection of rustic log furniture pieces for your entire home. We've been in business since 1988, and we know our stuff when it comes to helping your furnish your home.
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