Rustic Lighting for Your Home

Rustic Lighting for Your Home
There are many different kinds of lighting out there, and it can be exciting and challenging to choose the correct rustic lighting fixtures for your home. The most important factor to remember when choosing a rustic lighting fixture is that the actual output of lumens should correctly light the area. It can be tempting to choose a rustic lighting fixture based on looks alone, but remember if you choose one that does not emit enough light, you will be ultimately still have dark shadowed areas in your home while also wasting energy.

Ideally, you should have a perfect mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting in your home. Ambient lighting is what is used to generally light a home, typically using ceiling fixtures or recessed lighting. Task lighting is used in areas where you need a more bright light to accomplish tasks. For example, task lighting would be ideal under the cabinets in your kitchen for food prep, or next to a reading chair in the living room, or in a sewing room. Another use would be in a bathroom, where it is ideal to have overhead vanity lights as well as lights on each side of the mirror. This helps to create a more realistic lighting situation for applying makeup, etc. Accent lights are used to highlight certain features of the home, such as artwork, sculptures, wall textures, or the like. Track lights are an example of one type of accent light.

With these three purposes in mind, you now have a few different types of rustic lighting fixtures from which to choose. Ceiling mount fixtures can be flush or semi-flush depending on the location. Chandeliers can be more a source of ambient light, or they can also include downlights, which helps them become more practical; for example, this would be perfect if you are using a chandelier over your dining table. Wall mounted fixtures, or sconces, are typically used in hallways to provide enough illumination for the length of the hallway or room. Pendant lighting can take the form of one single large pendant, or several smaller ones. One large pendant could also be used over a dining table or in an entryway, and several smaller ones would be ideal over a kitchen island.

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