Rustic Lighting for Small Spaces

Rustic Lighting for Small Spaces
Some spaces in your room of choice may be a bit more cramped and difficult to light without intruding on the precious real estate you have available in there. This is where some creative lighting choices from LodgeCraft can help you solve that problem. Depending on your preferred style and design of the room, we have several selections to bring light to darkened areas.

For rooms that have low ceilings, chandelier and pendant-style lighting is usually out of the question, especially if you have taller people in the family. A room loses its comforting and inviting vibe when one hangs his head on a lighting fixture. The best solution for this is to have a ceiling mount light fixture, such as the Pasadena light. It has a very low profile footprint, but provides a good displacement of light for a smaller room. It has multiple finish and lens choices, so you may tailor it to match perfectly with the décor in the room.

For a more dramatic touch, the Harstene Ponderosa Pine Ceiling Mount light is a great choice when you want something that is both functional and makes a strong statement. It is ten inches high, so it is more pronounced than a lower profile fixture. It, too, is available in optional finishes and lens types, but it always includes a touch of outdoor rustic living with the pine cone accent.

Hallways are notorious for being a bit too dark and in need of helpful and beautiful lighting. Instead of going with a traditional light on the ceiling, why not consider some wall sconces instead. They don't just light the walkway in a hall but they also aid in giving any other wall hangings some deserved attention.

The Timber Ridge Sticks sconce does exactly that. The design lends a good amount of light to a hallway as it adds to the log cabin feel to the rest of your décor. For longer hallways, you can space two or more of these on one or both walls to guide you and your guests safely with a touch of elegance and outdoor style.

You may have an empty corner that is begging for some light. A floor lamp may just be you answer. The Crystal Jewel Pebble Stone floor lamp doesn't take up much floor space, but delivers a perfect amount of illumination that may also be adjusted a simple pivot. It features a Dale Tiffany shade in stunning colors of hand rolled art glass.

Spaces don't need cathedral ceilings in order to display gorgeous lighting fixtures. All room sizes may be beautifully and stylishly illuminated with any lamp selection from LodgeCraft. Come browse our light fixture collection to find exactly what you need.
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