Rustic Design Ideas for the Holidays

Rustic Design Ideas for the Holidays
Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays naturally fit in with rustic designs. The natural woods, colors and homey layouts are perfect the perfect backdrops for the fall and winter holidays. If you are creating a holiday atmosphere in your rustic home this year, there are a few ways you can add special touches that will take your room design to the next level:

Choose the right colors:

Traditional holiday colors naturally go well with most rustic designs. Dark reds, greens and gold look great with darker woods. Pair lighter shade of green, red, purple and blue for an elegant touch with lighter furniture. Traditional shades of red and green look good with dark and light woods, but use a little creativity to play with the color palate. For example, spruce up this Burly Loveseat with dark red or green throw pillows or a gold and red throw blanket.

Focus on the little details:

When you are creating a holiday theme in your rustic home, it's the little details that really will make a huge difference. A few holiday plants strategically placed throughout the house, garland around the mantle place and holiday dishes showcased on top of your buffet or china cabinet can add personality to your holiday design. Even a festive centerpiece in the middle of your table should tie in with the rest of your design. Remember to focus on size and proportion so that you don't overwhelm a room.

Utilize your rustic pieces:

Your rustic pieces should be the backdrop for your holiday theming. The wood tables and chairs add to the classic, country feel of your rustic design, avoid covering up too much of that furniture. Looking at each piece, choosing holiday décor that highlights the rustic pieces you've invested in. Some candles on the mantle or the right drapery can add a festive touch without drawing away from the rest of the room.

Don't be shy:

Even though a light hand is often a good choice when it comes to decorating for the holidays, don't be afraid to go a little over the top. A big tree, antique ornaments, a beautiful garish wreath and colorful lights are part of the fun of Christmas.
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