Choosing the Right Rustic Clock for Your Home

Choosing the Right Rustic Clock for Your Home
While creating the right rustic atmosphere is largely based off of bigger furniture options like couches, tables and beds, the little details can make a big difference when pulling the entire design plan together. An often overlooked design element is the clock. Having a clock somewhere in the main entertaining areas of your room is important for both you and guests. But, if you are trying to create a certain environment in your home, choosing the wrong clock can be jarring to your design. Before you head out to buy a traditional alarm clock to stash on the living room mantel, here are a few ways you can ensure that the clock you choose for your home blends seamlessly in with your design aesthetic.


The first thing should decide is what size your clock will be. Do you want it to hang on the wall or would you rather it set on the table? A larger clock is easier to read but is a big design commitment. Larger clocks will hang on the wall and will attract attention. Further, you may even choose to opt for a rustic grandfather clock. A grandfather clock can be the main attraction in a room, so if you go this route, you may want to consider designing your room to highlight the clock.


You have two options in regards to the display of your clock. Do you want the face to have numbers or roman numerals? Both look fine and all of the designs you find use creative font work to make sure either choice looks rustic and clean. The choice is really about preference, though a clock with roman numerals may look more authentic in a more luxurious room, while traditional numbers would feel more natural in a more casual atmosphere.


Round or square are the most common options for wall clocks. These shapes also look best in a rustic design. If you choose a table top clock, you'll have a few more options. Whichever shape clock you choose, make sure the design blends well with the rest of your room. An ornate clock would like look awkward in a room full of light woods and soft blues, while a plain clock might disappear in a more extravagant design.
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