Adding Rustic Touches to a Child's Room

Adding Rustic Touches to a Child's Room
Once your child has grown old enough to move to a bigger bed, you can start thinking about ways to decorate their room that will appeal to them as a child and continue to appeal to them as they grow older. A rustic theme is an excellent choice for a child's room because there are simple ways to make it feel more child friendly. You can adjust some of the décor slightly as your little one grows older to appeal to their older tastes. If you are considering a rustic theme for their room here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Choose flexible bedding:

One simple way to get the most out of your child's room is to choose a bed that can grow with them. This could mean purchasing a full sized bed or you could opt for a bunk bed set like this Cedar Twin Futon Log Bed. The bottom is a futon that can be converted to a mattress for extra sleeping room. This can be used as sitting or entertaining space as your child gets older. Rustic bedding is extremely durable, so you can count on these beds to last a long time.

Choose a fun theme and work from there:

For younger kids a cowboy/cowgirl theme would work well in a rustic room. You could translate this into an older teen's room by using cowhide rugs and/or bedding. If your little one likes animals, choose neutral colored carpeting that can be reused later on for a more mature look and use wall hangings, bedding and other items to incorporate a younger feel in the room. This Alameda Rectangular Rug is neutral enough to match nearly any change in the room but dark enough and durable enough to handle little ones romping and playing.

Choose rustic storage:

Your child's rustic room can be functional and adorable. Choose rustic pieces for storage. While your children are young, the trunks and shelves can hold toys and coloring books. As they get older your child can use this storage for other items they collect. One fun option is to choose a bench/storage unit. Your child can sit and read or play on top, and open up the bench to grab toys, books or other goodies. It's a great way to keep the rooms organized and fun.

Choose fun lighting:

Choose a whimsical lighting option. As kids get older they'll continue to appreciate fun lighting, especially when all of their friends come over to visit. You may want to choose a simpler chandelier or ceiling lighting that will provide enough light for reading and playing while creating a fun space for your little ones. If you do opt for bunk beds, you may want to consider wall sconces to avoid space issues. Wall sconces can be fun and provide fun lighting option that will likely be unique to your child's room.

Creating a rustic look for your little one's room is a great way to find a design that will keep your kids happy for years to come. By simply swapping out bedding and wall hangings, your child's room can grow with them and you can rest easy knowing the furniture you bought is comfortable and durable.
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