Rustic Bedroom Furniture Styles People Love

Rustic Bedroom Furniture Styles People Love

If there is one room in a cabin or lodge that people like to have fun with decor wise is the bedroom. It's a private space that you can really let your own style shine through. There are many different rustic bedroom furniture types available, but there are some that are definitely favorite among our customers and the general public. Let us show you what people like so maybe it help you make your decision.

Rustic Bedding

When it comes to rustic bedding, people love the look. A rustic look is natural wood looks almost as if it was created straight from the forest itself. Many times the wood isn't smooth and it's not painted, but instead lets the natural look of the wood shine through.  It has a natural beauty and uses natural textures, shapes and colors. We have a large variety of rustic furniture from rustic bunk beds to dressers and tables.

Country Bedding

You might be asking yourself what's the difference between rustic and country bedding? It's like the square is a rhombus, but a rhombus is not a square type thing from your geometry days. Country bedding encompasses pretty much anything that has a natural and rural aspect to it, which includes rustic bedding, but not just rustic bedding. Country bedding can look finished, but be made of natural wood or use colors like barn red or even pastels.  You can have wooden bunk beds that are country decor or rustic in nature and the can look completely different.

Barnwood Furniture and Bedding

Much like rustic bedding is a type of country bedding, barnwood bedding is as well. The barnwood furniture become popular because when people would tear down barns, they would have all this lumber lying around.  It was a shame to just waste it, so they started making things out of it. Soon, it became its own furniture style because people like the way it looked. Barnwood furniture is incredibly popular for lodges and cabins because of the beautiful texture of the furniture and how it looks in a natural setting. You can easily mix rustic bedroom furniture with barnwood and have a complete decorative picture that looks great.

There are many types of rustic bedroom furniture available here at Lodgecraft, so take a look at all the bedroom furniture we offer and contact us with your questions. 

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