Accessorizing with Rustic Décor

Accessorizing with Rustic D cor
While rustic furniture is a great way to create a certain look in your home, it's the details that really make a design pop. Once you've chosen which furniture pieces you will be using in your design, your next step should be choosing items to accessorize, or highlight the furniture and bring extra depth to your look. Here are a few simple ways to make sure the accessories you choose will tie your look together.

Mirror, Mirror:

One of the best ways to accessorize any room is with a mirror. Mirrors can make a space look larger and brighter and they are functional. Choosing the right mirror will make a huge difference in what your design looks like. Round mirrors are great options for large spaces. Rectangular and square mirrors are good options for any size.

Before you choose a mirror, determine how decorative your want your piece to be and how large of a mirror you will need. Large mirrors can be used to help add light to a large space or make a smaller space look bigger. Try not to overwhelm your room with a huge mirror to avoid a trip back to the 80s in your home design. A simple mirror like this Monte Carlo mirror, is stunning in color and simple in design. It would help enhance your design rather than distract from it.

Pick your battles:

Rustic themes can easily go overboard if you aren't careful with the details. Look at the rest of your room. Is your furniture simple or will the delicate details be overwhelmed if you choose bolder accessory options?

The biggest battle you'll have with choosing accessories is that the details don't battle each other for attention. Pick one accessory to go crazy with (in regards to pattern or detail) and use the rest of your accessories as side players. For example, this Airondak Mirror is stunning, but could easily be overwhelmed by clashing patters. Instead, opt for choosing shades of gold, red or brown to accessorize the rest of the room.


When you have determined the style of your room and how you will highlight it, you can have a little fun choosing lighting accessories. One of the simplest ways to add flavor to a room is choosing nice table lamps. They are both functional and decorative. Choose a lamp that fits your personality, fits the size of your nightstand and adds color to the rest of the room. A set of classy table lamps, like the Dale Tiffany Lighting options, can even be the focal point of your room design. Simply play with the colors in the lamp throughout the rest of your room for a tied together look that's classy and clean.

Creating a comfortable living space is all about the details. Choosing your mirrors, lamps and other details carefully can really make the difference between your home looking nice and your home feeling luxurious. Take some time to choose a single piece (for each room or space) you want to highlight and create your design from there.
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