Pine Furniture adds Warmth and Character to the Dining Room

If your dining room lacks personality or you want to create a lodge or cabin style theme, pine furniture is the way to go. The warm, homey feeling you get when you sit down to share a meal with your friends and family is influenced by the overall layout and design of the room. The furniture and decor you choose makes a difference. Incorporating attractive, durable pine furniture into your dining room's decor brings the beauty of the great outdoors into your home to enhance your dining experience.

Unlike mass-produced dining sets, piece made from pine have unique characteristics that can change the entire feeling of the room. The Oval Table with Log Legs for instance, is available in skip peel, clean peel or rustic bark finish that instills a sense of strength and timeless beauty. Skip peeling is the practice of hand-peeling most of the bark away to reveal an uneven, yet stunning, finish that is later sealed. Clean peeling removes all traces of bark completely. And of course, the rustic bark finish leaves the logs' natural bark in place. Any of the three gives each table a unique personality.

Pine Furniture

The Frontier Side Chair compliments the Oval Table nicely. Also available in a skip peel, clean peel or rustic bark finish, these chairs are made for heavy use. The beauty of using pine in the making of log dining room furniture is that it is less expensive than many other woods, and it is lighter in weight. If you purchase it unfinished, it can be painted, stained or covered in a clear coat finish so the beautiful, even grain shows through. This reason alone makes pine a very popular choice among home owners looking to create a country or lodge-style look in their homes. Knots are also present in pine wood, which helps give each log a uniqueness so no two pieces are exactly alike.

Pine furniture is built to last. Its kiln-dried, sturdy structure can last for decades with no noticeable wobbling, cracking or warping that sometimes is present in other wood furniture. You can rest assured that your pine dining table and chairs will continue to provide a warm, cozy place to break bread with family and friends for years and years to come.

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