Outfitting your Cabin with Rustic Pieces

Outfitting your Cabin with Rustic Pieces
A new cabin styled home or vacation home is a great place to go full hog on the rustic décor. The natural build and structure of the homes provide an excellent environment for wood beds, dressers and other pieces. If you are carrying the theme throughout your home, it's a good idea to plan ahead so you know the type of pieces you are looking to purchase.

Rustic furniture is varied enough that you will find a piece that suits your personality. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning out the rustic design of your cabin:

Consider your space: Take a few minutes to stand in an open space in your cabin. Take note of the ceilings, windows, floors and space. Smaller spaces will look smaller with darker wood stains. But, that doesn't mean you can't use them. If you choose to use a darker wood in a small space, consider bringing light in elsewhere, choosing smaller furniture pieces and pairing the darker woods with bright colors (like a burnt orange, burgundy or gold) for a luxurious-rustic look. Smaller furniture and the proper placement of rustic mirrors can help make a smaller cabin feel bigger.

Tying the look together: You don't want every room to look the same, which means you should opt for different furniture pieces to give each space separation, but you can tie the rustic theme together by choosing fabric patterns, lighting or decorative pieces to carry throughout the home. For example, it would be quite easy to tie sconces like this Gingko Prairie Hanging Sconce in each room to provide lighting and a tying element to the rest of the home.

Area rugs: An easy way to add a rustic feel to your cabin is by using area rugs. Rugs are a simple way to bring color and design elements into any room. You can even use area rugs as a way to tie different spaces together. Using the same or similar area rugs in the bedrooms and living spaces will help the cabin feel like a cohesively designed home. This Cabin Retro Lodge area rug has a lot of different colors woven in which makes it easy to use in any room and gives you a lot of options for feature colors on the walls and other décor. With two different sizes to choose from you could use a larger version of the rug in a main living area and smaller rugs in the bedrooms.

Furniture: If you want a real, heavy rustic feel to your cabin, your furniture will go a long way in selling the design. Many rustic pieces are thicker and heavier, but we also offer lighter, curvier designs that create a more elegant feel to the rustic environment. If you want a rustic feel without being overwhelmed, choose your pieces wisely and use more modern touches to soften the rustic feel. Essential rustic pieces for a cabin include beds, end tables, lighting fixtures and dressers or armoires. These pieces speak for themselves so you can use a gentle hand in the rest of your décor to strike the right balance for your home.
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