Caring for Indoor and Outdoor Log Furniture

Caring for Indoor and Outdoor Log Furniture
Wooden furniture is beautiful, hardy and durable. Hardier still is rustic log furniture. With its naturally decorative appeal, it requires little maintenance to preserve its rugged elegance. Like all wood furniture, however, log furniture does require some level of protection from moisture, especially if it is to be used outdoors.

Indoor Log Furniture Care

Indoor log furniture requires little in the way of maintenance. Regular dusting should be all that's needed to keep it looking good. Should the furniture become damaged with a chip or scratch, any scratch repair product you can buy commercially should do the trick. To protect your log furniture completely, be sure to use coasters when setting drink glasses on its surface. One of the most appealing aspects of log furniture is the ability to sand the finish and reapply a new finish color. As your décor changes, you can change the color of your log furniture to coordinate. Old, worn or faded log furniture can be made to look new again with a simple sanding and refinishing.

Outdoor Log Furniture Care

If you use your log furniture outdoors, it is susceptible to damage from the elements. Sun and moisture can cause unfinished logs to change colors, swell and otherwise become damaged if steps are not taken to protect the wood. To protect outdoor log furniture from damage, use a high-quality stain or varnish so it lasts a long time.

Depending on how much your log furniture stays in the elements, and what the weather is in your area, you will need to reapply the protective finish periodically. Once a year is usually sufficient, but if you notice excess fading or signs of water damage or cracking, you may need to reapply more often. Storing your log furniture or using it under cover of a canopy can help prevent damage caused by the sun and rain, and lessen the number of times per year you need to reapply a protective finish.

One exception to this rule is cedar. Although cedar can certainly be finished with your choice of paint or stain, left in an unfinished state, it turns a beautiful silvery-gray that's quite nice.

When applying stain or varnish to your log furniture, be sure to sand all of the old finish off first. Pick a warm, dry day to tackle the job, and be sure to allow plenty of time between coats for drying. Multiple coats applied too quickly results in tacky-feeling furniture. Read the instructions on the finish you choose for proper application makes for a beautiful finished product.

Most closely resembling nature, log furniture is as hardy and durable as it is beautiful. Its looks just as great in modern décor as it does in a rustic setting. Log furniture's ruggedness makes it a long lasting choice that looks great almost anywhere, and with the proper maintenance, it can last for many years to come.
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