Other Outdoor Furniture

Other Outdoor Furniture
Beside the beautiful Old Hickory Outdoor Furniture that I wrote about several weeks ago, we also carry two lines of solid cedar furniture: Rustic Natural Cedar & Lakeland Mills.

Rustic Natural Cedar is made in Canada, which is a nice fit for us since our Eureka showroom is just 7 miles south of the British Columbia border. Rustic Natural Cedar has every piece of furniture you may need to decorate your yard with furnishings from their simple Adirondack Chair to a complete Umbrella Table Group. Are you looking for that perfect place to kick your flip flops off after mowing your lawn, and maybe have a nice glass of sweet tea: American Garden Swing (available in 4' & 5' lengths). Or, maybe you would like to find that Saturday soak in the sun chair: Cedar Lounge Chair, with or without custom fit cushions, sold seperately.

Lakeland Mills Outdoor Furniture is distributed from Michigan. With the solid construction and simple design, you will enjoy this outdoor line for years to come. The Cedar Rocking Chair is made for the old time porch. Close your eyes & picture yourself rocking on the porch with a spring breeze blowing. Or, for the seat meant for two, check out the Cedar Love Seat Rocker. Maybe you are looking for a simple place to sit while you are harvesting from your garden. The Cedar Straight Benches are sold in pairs so you can have a spot to rest at each end of your favorite vegetable or flower patch. And after a long day working in the garden with your significant other, you can take a rest with your favorite drinks set on the table conveniently located between two lounge chairs: Cedar Tete-A-Tete.

Don't forget that you can find any of your home furnishing needs with LodgeCraft Furniture: Bedding, Lighting, Rugs, & of course, Furniture.
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