Old Hickory Overview

Old Hickory Overview
"For over 110 years Old Hickory has been America's leader in rustic home furnishings. Starting with porch and lawn furniture Old Hickory has expanded the offering to cover every room of the home, now including Old Hickory lighting and Old Hickory area rugs. Best of all everything is handcrafted in the USA using environmentally friendly materials and processes. Old Hickory is proud of its long heritage, but also looks forward to providing innovative products for today's consumers," says the manufacturer.

Old Hickory uses "winter cut" hickory saplings to retain the bark texture. You have two options when choosing the texture on the piece you choose to purchase. When you choose Regular Bark, you will see that the artisans in Old Hickory's shop lightly sands away rough edges, but leaves most of the bark in a natural state. On the other hand, Tahoe Bark with its smooth, oversanded hickory exposes the inner, cambium layer showing more variation in the coloration of the hickory.

After choosing the bark texture, whether you like the natural, more rustic feel of regular bark, or maybe you like the smooth texture of the tahoe bark, then you decide on the finish color. Puritan Finish is a light golden brown & has remained a classic for many years. Rustic Finish is the most popular with its warm reddish brown color. Centennial Finish is a dark walnut stain that gives a vintage-look & works best on oak. For a new twist, the Heirloom Finish is a medium dark brown & was developed specifically for use with their new cherry line.

Now on to the Wood Species Old Hickory keeps readily available to build each unique piece that comes out of their warehouse in Shelbyville, IN directly to your home no matter where you might live. You can choose for the least expensive, a nice veneer top or gradually climb to a beautiful textured copper top being the most expensive option.

In the Veneer option, you can choose from Oak Veneer, Pine Veneer, or Cherry Veneer. Next step up would be the Solid Wood Option in Pioneer Oak, Pioneer Pine, or Pioneer Cherry. For a real rustic look, you might want to try the Reclaimed Barnwood. The Live Edge Walnut with a simple clear coat is also adds beauty to any table or dresser. Finally, the textured copper top is available on a number of pieces.

As you can see, the options are endless in this beautiful line of rustic furniture. Check them all out at our main website: www.lodgecraft.com

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