Old Hickory Furniture

Old Hickory Furniture
The Old Hickory name is as synonymous with quality lodge furniture as Mickey Mouse is to Disney. Originally founded in the late 1800's the Old Hickory Furniture Company has been crafting quality lodge furnishings for well over a hundred years.

It was a group of early pioneers crossing the Appalachian Mountains in the early 1800's who first discovered a hardwood that grew upwards reaching towards the sun but retained a small diameter no matter how tall the trees grew. These hickory saplings were a Godsend to pioneers without any furniture. They soon discovered ways to bend the saplings into hoops and frames for chair backs and seats. They managed to weave the inner bark into chair backs and seats that were sturdy and practical. One of those pioneers, Billy Richardson, saw an opportunity and began to make hickory chairs to sell in the town square in Southern Indiana. It is believed that Billy and his father made the original Andrew Jackson hoops chairs for the President's home.

A group of fellow Martinsville, Indiana residents banded together in an abandoned church to form the original Old Hickory Chair Company. The company was named after the late President Jackson whose nickname was Old Hickory. By the time the Old Hickory Chair Company incorporated in 1898 they had a full line of products available and there was a great demand for their new designs. They began shipping their furniture pieces around the country and some of those original pieces still grace the main hall of the Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park.

old hickory side table

By 1901 the Old Hickory Chair Company produced their catalog showing a very extensive line of furnishings. In 1921 the company name was changed to Old Hickory Furniture Company to ensure that customers realized that they weren't only manufacturing chairs. In fact they were now crafting a complete line of chairs, tables, rockers, outdoor furniture and even log cabins. It was also during this year that they first introduced painted furniture.

Nowadays Old Hickory Furniture Company produces a wide variety of quality designs that include some of those early historical designs as well as more contemporary designs suited more to the needs of today's customers. The same quality and craftsmanship is present in all of their pieces. The Old Hickory Furniture name is known for durability, comfort and some very unique designs.

One of the most popular lines of Old Hickory Furniture is named for the Inn at Yellowstone National Park where those original chairs still reside. The Old Faithful line is now a complete line that in addition to replicas of those original chairs also offers bedroom furniture, living room furniture and various other pieces. Each piece is crafted with the same timeless quality. The same goes for their many other lines of furniture.

The Old Hickory line of lodge furniture now contains over 200 choices of various rustic furniture pieces in various categories. Each piece offers you the option of designing to suit your specific tastes by choosing from their various bark, wood and fabric options.

For well over a hundred years Old Hickory Furniture has been designing and crafting quality furnishings for some of America's iconic lodges, family resorts, clubs, restaurants and cabins and homes. If you are looking for quality and durability it's definitely there in every single piece of Old Hickory Furniture and each piece is made right here in the USA. Add a little rustic comfort to your home or cabin or choose from one of their more modern pieces if rustic isn't necessarily your style. Old Hickory Furniture Company has a full line of furniture, accent pieces, lighting and rugs all made with the same emphasis on quality.
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