Log Furniture Outlasts Most Other Furniture in your Home

Log Furniture Outlasts Most Other Furniture in your Home
It's highly possible that over the years, you've gone through more furniture than you'd care to admit. Many people spend money on furniture that eventually breaks, warps, decays or otherwise becomes a relic for the garbage man. If you're tired of spending money on furniture that just doesn't last, it's time you try a different type of furnishings in your home. Log furniture outlasts almost any other type of furniture in your home, and adds a natural beauty unlike any other.

Quality log furniture lasts a very long time. Cedar, aspen and birch, all straight-grained woods, are very strong and can endure significant weight with still being quite lightweight themselves. LodgeCraft sells a variety of log furniture pieces in all these woods for any room in the home.

The logs and wood used in the creation of our log furniture resists splitting. It lasts longer simply because it does not break down over time. From the moment the logs we use become a beautiful piece of furniture, to the time you finally retire the piece or pass it on to someone else, the logs retain their shape and continue to be sturdy and comfortable.

Cedar Outdoor Furniture

Many of the woods we use - cedar, for example - can withstand outside elements quite well making it a great choice for the construction of outdoor furniture. Naturally insect and decay resistant, outdoor cedar log furniture is the best choice for outdoor furniture. Not only does it last a long time, even in the elements, it develops a beautiful silver-gray finish that's absolutely stunning. If you're looking for log furniture with just a little more character, consider purchasing pieces that have the bark still on. The bark provides a unique look that also protects the wood flesh underneath. With proper care and maintenance, bark-covered log furniture lasts and lasts and lasts.
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