Log Cabin Decor

Log Cabin Decor
I love decorating homes but I have to admit that at first the concept of helping a friend of my husband decorate their new log cabin in the mountains was less than appealing. I imagined a tiny little boxy cabin soon to be filled with rugged, manly log cabin décor. Finding out that their "log cabin" was really a beautiful home made out of logs and intended to be a luxurious retirement home did a lot to increase the appeal. This particular decorating project soon became one of my favorites. I have to emphasize that log cabin decor is anything but boring. There are plenty of different furniture lines to choose from with something for everyone.

The first thing to consider is what your log cabin will be used for. If you are decorating a fishing or hunting cabin then the log cabin décor you would use is very different than what you would choose for a cabin that would be your home. In the same respect, a vacation cabin that you rent would certainly need a different type of décor than one you will call home. First determine the use and then you can move on to the "feel" you want your cabin to have.

The overall feeling you want guests to get when they walk into your cabin will help you (or your decorator) begin to choose the appropriate log cabin décor for you. Do you want guests to walk into a rustic, rugged fishing/hunting cabin or do you want them to walk into comfortable place to relax? Maybe you want to design a luxurious cabin for vacationers wishing to relax amid the glory of the mountains. Whatever your vision is for your cabin there are plenty of choices to make it happen.

Log cabin décor doesn't have to be rustic but it should mesh with the design of the cabin as well as the location. The cabin that I helped to decorate for our friend was located on the side of a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley with ski mountains in the background. We centered our log cabin décor on the beauty of nature surrounding their cabin. The furnishings were carefully chosen to reflect rustic elegance. Each piece was chosen for comfort and eye appeal. Beautiful accent pieces and artwork completed the feel of our log cabin.

It may seem like a difficult challenge to design a log cabin and create an air of comfortable elegance. You'd be surprised at how many choices there are! We easily added an elegant flair to the living space with artistic rustic and Tiffany style lamps and luxurious earth tone rugs. She chose to use handmade quilts on the beds in the bedrooms as the focal points of those rooms so we added simpler lighting and beautiful mountain scene paintings to complete the look.

Log cabin décor can be as rustic or as elegant as you choose and anywhere in between. Avoid getting to focused on one particular design. I once visited a cabin where you couldn't get away from the moose decor. Every single item from lamps to rugs to dishes had some sort of moose pattern. It's okay to mix it up a bit! As I type that I realize it brings me to yet another caution. The décor should flow so by "mixing it up" I don't mean do an entirely different look in every single room. Choose items that go together or maintain some sort of theme and your log cabin décor will come together to create the feeling you desire.
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