If You Love All Things Rustic, You Need These 5 Rustic Bedroom Tips and Pieces

The rustic style is very popular right now, so if you're trying to create that look, you are not alone. The great thing about rustic pieces is that wood is incorporated a lot. Consumers expect wall decor and wood furniture to last longer, more than 15 years, and it holds to that standard.

For a rustic bedroom suite, you first need to decide what exactly appeals to you about the rustic style. Do you like the simple and casual aspects? Maybe you love the connection with nature that the rustic style emulates with the use of raw elements. No matter what you like about it, you'll love that the style has a ton of flexibility because it offers unlimited possibilities.

Once you decide what you love, you need to make sure the room actually has rustic elements. Throw in lots of wood, stone, bricks, and even planked walls. Rough, heavy texture is a classic element of the rustic style, and you want to make sure that stands out. For your bedroom, try pieces like:

  • Barnwood nightstand
  • Log cabin style headboard
  • Rustic bedroom decor on the walls
  • Rustic style comforter set
  • Log cabin style wardrobe

After you find some pieces you love, you can start to get creative. Play with the placement of the rug and where you put the bed in the room. You can also experiment with the levels of distress you want your furniture pieces to have. It's also a good idea to mix and match the styles and colors of wood that you use in your bedroom to create depth and a warm, inviting effect.

Make sure when you are choosing decor that you stick with a neutral color pallet if you want to achieve the rustic look. Colors that are bold and vivid do not really fit with the rustic aesthetic. Neutral colors will help you capture the down-to-earth feeling that being rustic is all about.

Last, but not least, don't forget about lighting. Soft, warm lighting is ideal for a rustic design. Use yellow light, not white, so you can create a cozy space. It's almost as if you want to emulate the feeling of a fireplace flickering instead of artificial lighting.

To transform your bedroom from bleak to rustic charm, grab yourself a barnwood nightstand and follow these tips. You'll love the new atmosphere of your cozy bedroom.

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