What Kind of Rustic Rug Do I Need?

What Kind of Rustic Rug Do I Need?

Have you ever wondered how to go about choosing the right rustic or lodge rug for a room in your home? What size, what shape, what material...? If so you are not alone! Many people have these same questions, so we've created this handy guide to assist you in purchasing the perfect rug for your home.

Step 1:

Determine the size of the lodge or rustic rug you will need. Depending on the room, there can be different options for sizing. For example if you're shopping for a Living Room rug, you can get a rug which only lies under the coffee table, one where only the front legs of your furniture are on, or one where all the legs of your furniture are on the rug. If you are looking for a Dining Room rug, measure an additional 24"-32" to ensure the chair legs don't fall off. Hint: Most dining room tables need a rug at least 8' wide.

Living Room Layout Ideas
Living Room Layout Ideas

Dining Room Layout Ideas
Dining Room Layout Ideas

Step 2:

Choose the type of fiber and texture. There are many different kinds of rug fibers out there, and Lowes pretty well sums it up in the table below. In addition to the fibers, rustic and lodge rugs can be created using different methods which ultimately have an effect on the texture. Here is some terminology that will help you when selecting your rug:

Hooked - A hooked rug is created when the weaver pulls loops of fabric through the backing to the front of the rug to leave a loop on the surface.

Tufted - A rug can either be hand- or machine-tufted. The process is similar to a hooked rug except at the end the loops are sheared to create a smooth pile surface.

Hand-Knotted - This the most labor intensive method, where the weaver ties each knot individually by hand. To own a hand-knotted rug is truly to own a one-of-a-kind unique piece of art.

Flat Woven - Flat woven rugs are just that: woven flat, and as a result have no pile. They can be hand- or machine-made of cotton, wool, or synthetic materials.

Heat Set - This refers to the way that the yarn is manufactured. Heat is applied to the twisted yarn to "set" the twist, which should never uncoil and makes it more resistant to wear and tear.


Step 3:

Color. The last step is the most fun! There are so many beautiful lodge and rustic rugs out there, so have some fun with this one. But first take into account the theme you already have going in the room. Do you already have lots of different colors and patterns? If so then it's probably best to choose a rug with a solid or muted color scheme. If most of the décor in the room is fairly calm, a bright rug with a bold pattern can really finish a space and bring all the elements together.

Rug Color

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