How to Care for Log Furniture

Log furniture is becoming quite popular due to its beauty, versatility and sturdiness. Indoors or out, it adds a natural, rustic touch to almost any decor and lasts for many years. Caring for log furniture is quite simple, although finishing the natural wood will help it maintain its natural beauty much longer.

Outdoor Log Furniture

Most outdoor log furniture is made from cedar wood. Cedar naturally repels pest and resists mildew. If left untreated, it eventually turns a beautiful silver-gray color. However, finishing the wood with a clear satin sealer or a stain will help it weather better and prevent the need to clean it often. One thing that affects the look of natural wood is the oils on our skin. Wood is a porous material that absorbs everything, and hands are quite dirty no matter how much they are washed. Rather than having to worry about touching your new log furniture, finishing it will help prevent permanent stains from forming from the oils in your skin.

To clean your outdoor log furniture, use a solution of twenty percent household bleach with one ounce of detergent in a gallon of water. Even furniture showing years of weathering can be returned to its original bright glory with this solution. If there is extreme weathering, you can use a pressure washer. Let the furniture air-dry in the sun when finished. Brand new, the piece is a bright color. As it ages outdoors, it will develop the silver-gray cedar furniture is known for. This piece will seat two adults comfortably and be a popular seating area in the backyard. By finishing the surface with a good quality penetrating sealer, you can maintain the bright color rather than let it weather to the darker silver-gray.

Indoor Log Furniture

Since the log furniture is indoors, it doesn't obtain the weathered look outdoor furniture achieves. This means you don't have to finish the wood if you don't want to, but doing so can really enhance the decor in your home. Again, the oils on your skin can permanently stain the natural wood, so finishing helps prevent this from happening. Indoor log furniture usually only requires light dusting to keep it looking great, but if you do notice stains, you can use a mild detergent and water solution or a mild wood soap to remove the stains as soon as you see them.

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There really is no limit to how you can furnish inside and outside your home with log furniture. With proper care and maintenance, your log furniture should last a lifetime and become a piece you can pass down from generation to generation. Contact LodgeCraft to begin discovering the beauty log furniture can add to your home.
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