6 Easy Rustic Wedding Décor Tips and Tricks

6 Easy Rustic Wedding D cor Tips and Tricks
Happy summer! It's officially wedding season, and rustic weddings are becoming more and more popular. If you are looking for a rustic wedding theme, there are many easy tips and tricks to create the perfect rustic wedding décor for your event. Whether it's you or someone you know getting married this summer, the tips below will help make your dream a reality by creating the perfect rustic wedding.

1. Use Natural Objects as Place Card Holders

Get creative and incorporate a rustic theme into your wedding by adding natural touches to the place card holders. Pine cones make an easy and rustic place card holder, while adding pine branches to each paper adds a visually pleasing touch. Cutting slits in a birch or aspen branch allows many place cards to be held at once. This technique would also work for holding programs, menus, you name it; the sky's the limit!
Wedding Rustic Placeholders

2. Re-purposed Wood for Displays

There are many ways to re-purpose wood to display items in your rustic wedding. A few examples are using old crates to display desserts, using an old wooden board as a welcome sign, or taking a pallet and turning it into an itinerary display.
Repurposed Wood for Displays

3. Incorporate Burlap into Wedding Décor

Burlap is one of the easiest ways to style up your rustic wedding, and it is also one of the most versatile. Burlap combined with lace can be especially beautiful. The ways to utilize burlap in a rustic wedding are virtually endless, but here are a few examples: table runners, bouquet wraps, and rustic wedding invitations!
Incorporate Burlap

4. New Uses for Old Mason Jars

Mason jars have proven to be a tried and true fixture in weddings for a long time, and they certainly serve their purpose when incorporated into a rustic wedding theme. Using mason jars as flower vases can be especially beautiful, whether as ceremony décor, or as reception table centerpieces. If your wedding will extend into the evening, mason jars used as candle holders can add rustic elegance to any event.
New Uses for Old Mason Jars

5. Use Old Wine Barrels

Whether you're looking for a creative way to display old photos or to set up the bar, old wine barrels can really bring together your rustic wedding theme. They can be used to dress up your ceremony by holding flowers, or they can be made into tables at the reception to hold photos, desserts, and more.
Wine Barrels

6. Incorporate Mirrors into Your Décor

Adding mirrors to your rustic wedding décor is a technique that can add variety and dimension to your event. Think about using mirrors in different ways, such as background décor, as a place to write out your menu, or even as a serving tray. Visit LodgeCraft.com to see our large selection of mirrors which the bride and groom can use in their wedding and then take home as a lasting memory of their special day.
Rustic Mirrors
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